Problems with hair?

So ladies, I have been trying a lot of your suggestions but i still am finding a lot of problems.

So i find some areas of my hair i get great curls (baby curls include, like ringlets) other parts are stringy and flat. Like for example in the middle of my head(when i flip my head over, the hair is not curly at all) So i tried a root lifter but no luck. And at the top of my head, it'll be flat until middle and then i'll get a stringy curls. I do not no if it is the way i blow dry or put product in....

I have tried mop-curl creme (no good)
HE mousse and Gel
I have Giovanni Leave in
A frizz control

I take a shower (use a deep cond. every two weeks) and then i'll put the leave in and the frizz and usually the HE and then ill wait a bit, diffuse my hair then fix it with a spray gel.
Hi curl
Have you ever seen a wave or curl with the areas you're having problems with? if not, maybe those parts of your hair will never curl no matter the product or routine. I say this because i have the same problem with areas of my hair not cooperating.
I dried my hair for the 1st time yesterday using a bonnet hard hat dryer, clipped my roots and had the most volume i've ever experienced! And the volume lasted all day (which has never happened). I sat under the dryer for about 20-25 min and the same time pixie diffused my sides. I got the idea using a hard hat dryer from another curly.
My hair also hates Mop-c and found it pulls my wave out of my hair and by the end of the day my hair is almost straight. I applied my LI, KY jelly and Artec/Hesmu gel for the 1st time and found it helped retain my wave which lasted all day.
Wavy, Coarse Porous & Dry


CJH&B (Rinse out)
Biosilk Rock Hard Gel or HESMU
What is your hair type? If it's fine you might need protein. I did a protein treatment (egg, yogurt and coconut milk) and parts of my hair that were just wavy actually got a bit of curl! Otherwise that might just be your curl pattern. You could try doing a few pin curls in the flatter sections, or try diffusing. I diffuse upside down and I do the less curly areas first. That helps for me.
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Fine, normal to low porosity (still not sure which), ii, 3a/3b curls
Playing with products: HEBE Mousse, BRHG, AOMM, HESMU. Nothing blows my mind just yet.

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