Please help me kick surface frizz's butt...

I'm so sick of surface frizz. The only time I don't get it is when I use CK, and I like to alternate between products. And, as you know, CK is expensive, and I can't afford to use it every day.

I love using my leave in, Jessicurl RR and Jessicurl CC together. I get lovely, soft, beautiful curls, but one thing always gets in the way--that darn surface frizz.

What's your remedy for surface frizz? How can I prevent it?

Please help me get rid of this ugly, obnoxious frizz.

Any recommendations/suggestons greatly appreciated!
Curl Type: 2c-3a, Medium thickness, Normal Porosity
Weekly Low-poo: TJ Pure Castile Soap
Co-wash: V05 Strawberries and Cream
Conditioner: GVP Conditioning Balm (Possibly HG!), GF Triple Nutrition
Styling Products: CK, Re:coil, JCRR, JCCC, LALMHG, EcoStyler, SMU Spray Gel, Boots

Life has many choices. Eternity has two. What's yours?
Jane Carter Solutions Nourish and Shine. I'll have surface frizz no matter what I use, but if I SOTC with the JCS pomade, it just disappears!

3a/some b, med/high porosity, med texture

My current HGs:
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut, VO5 Strawberries & Cream
Conditioner: Deva OneC
Leave-in: Shea M, Deva B'Leave In
Cremes: CIAB, pink Boots
Gels: BRHG

CG since 2/07 and loving it!

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