detangling conditioners and BTMS

so... I'm a little confused. Conditioners that are designed specifically for detangling.. like PM The detangler and the bioinfusion The detangling conditioner - they contain BTMS. I know this is an excellent detangler. But are these conditioners designed to be moisturizing as well? Or they just designed to detangle and then you'd need to add another more moisturizing conditioner on top of them?
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Derived from canola (or rapeseed) oil, BTMS is a natural, mild (as in not harsh; it's still very potent) detangler that attaches directly to hair shaft. Because it does this, it is also considered a conditioning agent for the hair. It can be the sole conditioner in a product, but I have found it usually paired with other conditioners like cetyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol etc. BTMS is considered milder than its cohort behentrimonium chloride (which is considered to be toxic).

Conditioners that contain BTMS are usually LI because BTMS is so mild and doesn't harm the body. Those same conditioners also usually contain other moisturizing ingredients.
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