Refresher for 2nd day hair

I tried looking for another thread for this but couldn't find one. I had a fantastic hair day yesterday and wanted to know what you ladies use to freshen up your curls. Any water based products (i.e. Deva Mister Right) just makes my hair frizzier. I have been using light hold gels, but the hair doesn't really clump back together very well.

Any of you have advice or suggestions?
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Sometimes I use CK, just rub some on my hands, and scrunch. Since it's water based it works pretty well.
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I never have second day hair. I usually stick my head under the tap, wet it, add some condish to the ends to detangle, rinse, then style as usual. I don't have a choice unless I want to wear my hair up the second day. Perhaps you need to wet your head too? From what I read there is no harm in it?
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I like a 50/50 water/aloe mist, but since you don't want the water, you might try just some of the aloe rubbed between your hands, smoothed down the length of your hair and then scrunched. Works well depending on what you're putting it over. Over some products, it can get very hard and difficult to scrunch out.

A little Deva Set It Free Spray applied as I described the aloe gel often works well and it's not watery - works similar to CHS Tweek. Don't spray directly on your hair - I hated the results when I did that.

All this said, if I pineapple, I often don't need to do anything at all.
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Hask Pure Shine Spray It Curly (found at Walgreens)
I've tried it on first day hair w/ mixed results... but when I was reading some threads on it I found some people use it as a curl refresher on 2nd day hair. It's not too expensive and may be worth a try.

I've also used Pantene's Curl Spray Gel... its CG friendly and very light and helps to tame down my frizz without adding crunchyness.

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I have tried the Garnier Curl Shaping Spray and didn't like how crunchy it was. I also tend to get stringlets sometimes too even though it cuts down the frizz. I'll check out some of those suggestions though. Thanks!

My hair looks a little bed-head-ish right now. Maybe a cross between Evangeline Lily and Vanessa Hudgens.

Oh I do pinapple too at night and it helps but not entirely.
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"I will never be the woman with perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it."

I rake some homemade flaxseed gel through my hair and then re-scrunch. I might add a little water as well, depending on how much it flattened during sleep...I even got 3rd day hair doing this, and it looked great!
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I have a quick question for you. Are you sure it is water based products that cause your 2nd day hair to become frizzier? Most of the products you use to care for your hair are water based, so why do water based products cause frizz on 2nd day hair. You mentioned Deva Mister Right. I found this dried my hair out. I believe it was due to the propylene glycol which is a (questionably toxic) humectant ingredient. Many humectants cause my hair to frizz. Could it be that this is what is happening to your hair. I just don't think that as a general principal water based products make hair frizz. Of course you know what works for your hair based on experience, I was just wondering if you actually thought about the possibility that other ingredients were causing the frizz.

edit: Just found this def of PG on

Propylene Glycol - Combination of glycerin and water, a humectant in cosmetics. The most common moisture-carrying vehicle in cosmetics other than water. (Actually, this is the major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluid.) Since I can't use glycerin this is why I can't use products with PG in them.
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I think I may have mislead you by saying water based. I think what I meant to say was watery type products. Although you could be right about the propylene glycol.
2b/c, medium/high porosity, medium/coarse texture
Current HG: Kinky Curly errythang, GVPCB, LALSG

"I will never be the woman with perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it."

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