Need help with conditioner question

So I am trying to figure a routine for my, I think 3A fine curly hair. my question is how does one know how often one should use conditioner on their hair. My hair seems to get over conditioned easily. I know this is trial and error but I seem to be having difficulty getting this down. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Hi, curl60. Welcome to CG, where almost everything is based on trial and error!

If you have 3a fine hair (like me), you might find that you get overconditioned easily and that making sure your conditioners contain a good dose of protein will help you. For myself, I finally figured out that hour-long deep treatments did pretty much nothing except make my hair limp, so now I just make sure I'm using moisturizing conditioners with protein in them, and that's really worked for me.

Some of favorite conditioners are Mop Top Daily Conditioner, Jessicurl Aloeba, Aubrey GPB, and Aubrey Island Naturals. Look for "hydrolyzed" anything on a product label and of course, the word "protein."

Fine hair usually likes protein, so I'm hoping this will work for you like it does for me.
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Like jillipoo, I stopped doing DTs unless I do a heavy duty protein treatment. I wet and use a rinse out every day. Skipping rinse out and going to every other day didn't work.

Look for people who have hair like yours and "stalk" them on the boards. Look at what products they are using (in most of our signatures) and what techniques they discuss.
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