Non-sulfate poo and frizz

Will using even a nonsulfate poo cause frizz? After not pooing for two months, last night I decided to clarify(hard water) with Elucence Clarifying Poo, then did a DT. Today I didn't vary anything in my routine but have significant more frizz. Would it be the poo or the dt?
Was it a protein-based DT? If so, did you follow it with a moisturizing conditioner? When you do a protein treatment, it's important to moisturize afterwards, or the excess protein on the outside of the hair shaft makes your hair feel rough and fuzzy.
Actually Elucence Clarifying Poo isn't sulfate free. It has Sodium Myreth Sulfate in it. It isn't a harsh sulfate though. What DT did you use?
I used the Curl Junkie Banana Hibiscus Dt and the left some Elucence in over night.
Then my guess is that it was probably the shampoo. Just try to give your hair a break from washing(even with conditioner) for a few days and it should be back to normal in no time. Try to moisturize your hair as much as possible too.
I thought it may be the shampoo, but I needed to clarify. I've been trying to find something to clarify that won't strip color. Lemon rinses seem to strip and I thought I read somewhere that an ACV rinse will too. Thanks for your responses!
typically Elucence Clarifying shampoo is excellent and doesn't dry my hair out or frizz it up but then again I follow it with a moisturizing shampoo so I suds up twice (once with clarifying and next with moisturizing shampoo) then condition.
I am a 3c/4a with medium/fine strands
No strict haircare regimen - trying my hand at the Curly Girl Method.

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