Hair Appt- Please Help!

So I'm getting my hair cut (finally after almost 6 months!) on Thursday, and since my gray hair is really becoming obvious on my otherwise dark brown head, I am going to get some highlights too.

I washed my hair two days ago, so Thursday would be day three. I'd really like to wash my hair tonight- will that be ok? My appt isn't until the evening.

Also, should I plan on doing a protein treatment following my appt? How soon after and does anyone have any recommendations?? Please help!
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Yes, I believe you can shampoo tonight. I read that you can shampoo 24 hours before getting color.

BTW, there have been numerous times when I wash my hair just a few hours before my appt. I think that it's just a good idea to have some oils on your hair so the color adheres to the hair better.

I'm not really sure if this is right, but I usually do a deep treatment about 24 hours after I get my hair colored.

Good luck. Hope that helps a little.
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