Defined Curls?

I keep looking at the beautiful pictures of curly hair, and then I look at my hair and it is not as defined as the pics. With my hair, you can't really see, individually, the curls. They're all together. (Don't know how else to say it.) I don't know how to make my hair look nice.
Is there something that I need to do in order to make my curls look more separate/individual?
Also, any way for you to post a pic of what your hair looks like now?

One major tip -- let your hair dry completely and don't touch it until it's totally dry.

The products you use can make a huge difference too. For me, finally using KCCC+BRHG after all the raves around here has become a great reliable combo of products to give me defined, frizz-free. KCCC is a curl cream with a gel consistency that encourages curls; BRHG keeps my curls curly and really keeps frizz out of the picture.
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I agree with the pp. On soaking wet hair, first put in a curl cream and then a hard hold gel on top. I then gently scrunch with a microfiber towel to soak up the excess water. Once everything is is place let it dry completely before touching it. If needed, gently scrunch out the crunch. Good luck!
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My current routine is to wash my hair everyday, I use shampoo and conditioner, I believe that the shampoo is sulfate free, but not sure. The only product that i use is gel which I put on when I get out of the shower, but my hair is not really wet. Then I plop for around 30 minutes. I take showers at night so I end up sleeping with wet hair. I don't have a curl cream but I really do want one. In the morning, I usually rewet my hair and add more gel to tame the frizz. I think that's it.
I tried a new technique today that gave me great clumping curls - I combed in a leave-in, then Curl Keeper, then Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, and then I tok 1/4" thick sections of hair and twisted them around with my fingers. I maybe had about 20 strands when I was done. Then I plopped for about an hour and air dried. When it was done - clumpy ringlets!

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It's the products and techniques. You also have to wean yourself away from shampooing everyday. Even if it's a lowpoo, it can be drying.

Now, I wet and style every day. Cleanse with a natural soap bar every three days. I was an every day condition and poo until about two and a half years ago.
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I like the icequeen Oh the clumps! method. I'm not sure if that would help, but try it! You don't have to buy anything more, because you can use it with any conditioner. Also, have you considered going CG? That helped me too.

Here's the link:
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PM me if you have suggestions for my hair (i.e. product, etc.), help would be very much appreciated!

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