Not the title of my next childrens book, but I do have some questions.

Fairy knots: I have been noticing more and more of these. I just had a deva dry cut about three weeks ago and had about a quarter of an inch taken off. My hair seems very strong and health right now. In fact I took my thumbnail and ran it down the shaft of one of the hairs with these little knots on it and my hair didn't break. Instead the whole hair came out of my head at the root! WTH?? Do I have anything to be concerned about or are they just a part of curly hair.

On a separate note, I have a widows peak, I've always hated it but it is the resting place of the curliest hair on my head!!! It is growing out and currently when curly comes down just above my eyebrows. Stretched it is past my chin! I can't leave my hair down unless I pin it back somehow because it sticks straight up like an antennae and I don't know what to do with this stupid unicorn curl.

3b/c mix; mixture of fine, med. and coarse texture with med-high porosity

Current HG routine: Tresemme Naturals conditioner; AG Fast Food LI; AG Recoil; CJ CIAB = no crunch, lots of body and awesome definition

Dutchess Daydreamer of the Desert Sands in the Order of the Curly Crusaders