Hair in the Military?

Let me start by saying, I'm just using my youger sister's account. She's a 3b, but I'm a 2a/b.

I am leaving in January for Air Force basic training, and I can't bring many "glamour" items.
Basically, all I can bring in the way of hair is shampoo. I also have to wear my hair in a bun everyday. How can I minimize damage?

I also was wondering if any of you knew much about skin care? I can't bring facial soap, just soap for washing hands. No Lotion. No Toner. I have combination/oily skin, and I breakout fairly easily. What should I do? Use hand soap?
Oh, I forgot to add, I'm barely even a 2b. I need leave-in, and mousse to get it to curl. Without that I'm afraid my hair will be poofy and dry..
I would bring the most moisturizing poo you can. Then I would just wrap it into the bun to dry. If you can get by with just water washing every so often, then do that. I would probably use a mild hand soap on my face, maybe a moisturizing one like the ones softsoap has?
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Can you buy a shampoo and conditioner and switch the labels?
Thanks guys, I think I'll go with softsoap.
I would sooo switch the labels, but if I get caught I'll be left with nothing, ahaa.
Bring a sulfate-free shampoo. These are starting to be all the rage, you can find them in Target. I think even some major, drug store brands are selling them so you won't appear to be a princess! If you could get Devacurl low poo in-- hooray! That's best for waves.

For moisture, you can try and occasionally sleep with oil in your hair, at the ends, if it's around. I'm not sure how this will go over, but it might be easier to get your hands on than conditioner! If you can get some apple cider vinegar, you can use it as a toner...applied with TP? I have no idea what to do about facial moisture...maybe start washing your face less frequently?

And you might want to double-check whether or not you can bring conditioner. I've heard of women bringing it with them, though the don't recommend having two bottles around..

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For soap I would suggest a natural homemade soap bar. It would work for both body and face. The soap bars Kathymack sells are the ones I am talking about. They would be so much more gentler than a store bought soap bar. You got plenty of time to sample them and see how they work for you.
Chagrin Valley soaps would be another option. They sell complexion bars that can be used as bath bars as well.
I would just suggest finding any sulfate free shampoo that you know you will always be able to find while in basic training, and then go with a moisturizing bar. Cetephil makes a great bar for face and body and it's under $4.
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For soap I would suggest a natural homemade soap bar. It would work for both body and face. The soap bars Kathymack sells are the ones I am talking about. They would be so much more gentler than a store bought soap bar. You got plenty of time to sample them and see how they work for you.
Originally Posted by crazywaves
SO has used the soap from Kathymack for a long time on his face. Works great for him.
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I would def. def. look into Chargin valley Natual Soap bars. They have great cleaning/ coditioning shampoo bars, and face/body clean/moisture soap bars.
Take Chagrin Valley Soap bars! They can be used for body, face and hair!
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OOoh, rudee's idea is good! I was thinking about that 2-1 (shampoo and conditioner) sulfate free shampoo from Circle of Friends (its a kids shampoo) that I get at Ulta. Its really moisturizing and I just asked my hubby (who is in the Air Force and who has been through Basic) and he said it really shouldn't matter what the one bottle looks like, just as long as its only one bottle. He also said it should be fine to put it in another bottle -- like a clear one you get from Sally's or something (if you're really afraid that the instructor will make fun of you for having a kid's shampoo -- or that it will draw attention to you).

I think then you could get a chagrin Valley/kathymack soap bar that would be really moisturizing (or tailor it more for your skin needs if its oily) that you can use on your face and body.

Your body is going to be stressed out during basic training, its really an endurance test. But no worries, people make it through all the time -- so will you! they will tell you all about some of the ways your body will react to the stress when you get there.
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