Applying products upside-down?

I've read that some of you like to apply your products upside down. I have a question for you

If you apply products upside down, how do you get enough product on the canopy of your hair? I struggle with frizz on my canopy, and that's sometimes where I need product.

I'm interested in this because I've read you can get better root curl doing it

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Hmm, well, basically, I just gently sweep all of my hair to the front of my head while I'm upside down -- I mean, I can see it all in front of my face, I don't leave pieces hanging down in the back or on the far sides. Then I just take my product and scrunch it in, making an effort to be thorough. I actually seem to get a bit more product on my crown areas than I should -- those are the areas closest to my face, and end up being the place where I start scrunching when I have the most product on my hands.

I hope this is helpful -- it's a little weird to explain lol.

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I get better product coverage on my crown by bending over and applying product.
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I start with the leave-in and put it all in upside down and scrunch quite a bit and actually squeeze out some excess water. I then flip up right and get my curl product and lightly smoothe it over the already scrunched hair (focusing on canopy) and then I flip back up side down and lightly rake in the rest and scrunch. When I scrunch I scrunch right up to the root making sure the product is right through. I then wrap in a microfibre towel, do my make-up and then take it off and do the exact same thing (minus wrapping in the microfibre towel this time) with my gel. After the gel is in, I take a cotton towel and scrunch with the towel, it makes amazing clumps and forms the ringlets perfectly. I wear bangs and I don't focus on them much as they get some product while wrapped. I do put a little gel through them but that is all.
Hope this helps you.
I have, what I call, a double coat. If I apply product upside down, nothing on the top will get producted, even thought I finger comb it. If I apply right side up, the bottom will not be coated. It's that thick. So I usually do both, upside down, straighten, and apply again right side up
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I have to put products in upside down over the bath otherwise I make a mess

I rake leave-in through and then smooth FSG all over. It seems to get distributed when I do the scrunching, also upside down.

I tried doing it upright, but gel can get in some strange places!

'Curlies do it upside down'
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I apply product upside down too, but in large sections. That way I can get product on the crown too. I do find that the back of the crown seems to get hit less, so I've started paying extra attention to that area. Flipping right side up for those areas isn't a bad idea...
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I have, what I call, a double coat. If I apply product upside down, nothing on the top will get producted, even thought I finger comb it. If I apply right side up, the bottom will not be coated. It's that thick. So I usually do both, upside down, straighten, and apply again right side up
Originally Posted by MysticSpiral
Mine isn't even all that thick and I've never been able to get anywhere near even distribution without sectioning and raking through. Scrunching in just seems to make it messy and puts too much product in some areas but not others. My hair is long tho.
Double coat is a good description, DH says I have guard hairs and another coat underneath, too.
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I also apply products upside down. I rake in as evenly as I can and then distribute with a comb or my Denman. I then use the SSM (super soaker method), add lots of water and then scrunch in some more product so that my hair stays clumped. The Denman, for me, helps distribute the product evenly. I have, in the past....just parted my hair in half and then in half again and applied product to each section and scrunched. If I see any surface frizz, I wil spray some Set if Free in my hands, emulsify and smooth it down where I see frizz and I'm good to go.
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Products I apply in the shower, i.e., leave-in, CK, I do upside down in soaking wet hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Lately, when I get out of the shower, I've been applying products - creams, gels, etc., -- right side up, then flipping upside down, lightly combing through with a wide tooth comb and then scrunching like crazy. My hair is still dripping when I get out of the shower so I'm still getting good clumping after combing + even distribution. Been working great for me. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I truly envy those that can go upside down CLearly the product distribution is better, as is the root lift. My hair just dries too damn full when I go upside down
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I don't apply my products upside down. I don't know why, but I get stringy frizzy curls when I do that. I agree that there's no better way to get product coverage for the underside/nape and crown areas, but my hair doesn't like that for some reason when it dries.
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