Which kind of Organix Shampoo do you recommend?

I tried the Organix Tea Tree Oil shampoo, and while it does the job of cleaning well enough, I'm not crazy about this particular one. Can you recommend another shampoo in that brand?
I didn't like any of the Organix line to be honest. None worked for me. The condish's have cones and the shampoo's didn't feel moisturizing at all.

I use Trader Joe or Giovanni Tea Tree or Healthy Sexy Hair Chocolate Soymilk or Jessicurl Hair cleansing cream if I want to low poo with "shampoo". Otherwise I use a soap/shampoo bar which I like better.

Hopefully someone else will have input.
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I don't recommend any of the Organix shampoos. I felt they were on the stripping, drying, matting, tangling side. In other words, lol, they weren't gentle enough for my liking.

On the other hand, I like their conditioners & so very much want to try the Lavender.
Originally Posted by lazy loops

see I'm the complete opposite, I'm not crazy about the shampoo but I like it enough, I have only tried the vanilla one, I only use a small amount and my hair feels clean but not stripped.
but the conditioners in my opinion were awful,tried the vanilla and mocha ones, smell lovely but did nothing in the way of moisturising, had no slip didn't matter if i used a lot or a little that comb was not going through my hair then felt dry and looked dull after...
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The only line I've tried was the coconut, both shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo wasn't very moisturising (but I've seen worse lo-poos), and the conditioner has a cone or two so that's a no-go if you're CG - but o my god the smell. Pure gorgeousness. It's one of the few product lines I miss from my coney-sulfate days.
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I don't recommend any of the Organix shampoos. I felt they were on the stripping, drying, matting, tangling side.
Originally Posted by lazy loops
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Hmm, I'm not sure whether I should even bother with this line anymore, the Tea Tree Mint* shampoo (my mistake in my first post) cleaned my hair well enough but left it painfully lacking in moisture. Thanks for the advice! Guess I'll be looking for another CG shampoo!

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