Straightening Hair?

I am planning on straightening my hair for a special occassion and I need help! I never really straightened my hair in the past for these reason every time I straightened my hair and walk outside its curled and frizzed up within minutes and I have 3a/3b mixed hair and I wanted to ask you guys who straightened their hair everyday how do you guys keep it straightened through out the day? What I been doing is tieing my hair back with La Sports look gel letting it dry then taking down my hair and the front and sides are straight and the back is curly but I like it because of the body and all that good stuff but still the gel dosent even hold my hair curls up when i walk outside but can any of you recomend products that when I would like to straighten my hair what will keep my hair straightened thru out the day and wont curl up when I walk outside for a few minutes.



I'm not too good at this because I never straighten my hair...but I'll try to help because I know how it feels to have a topic where you desperately need help and no one answers, here I am

You could try a straightening cream/gel/serum after you straightening, and then top it off with a gel that has strong hold (Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, for example), or LA Looks Sport Gel.

I recommend experimenting a few days (or anytime) beforehand to see if it works out. Special occasions aren't a good time to experiment!

Good luck!

Oh yes, and you might want to go to the "Straightening/Relaxing" forum, you might be able to find some help there
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Sabino Moisture Block is great for straightening. I've used it before and it really helps hold the straight look.
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I straighten my hair a lot, especially in the warmer months. I use a flat-iron. I first spray my damp hair all over with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Style Straight Answer Straightening Spray (love this stuff). Then I blow-dry my hair. Then I flat iron it, spraying CHI 44 Iron Guard on my dry hair first.

My hair stays pretty straight all day unless it is extremely humid or raining outside.

If it is really humid out, I run some Avon mark Salon Straight No-Iron Smoothing Fluid With Invigorating Orange over the ends and sides of my hair.

I then spray a little hair spray all over just to keep in place.

You can buy the John Frieda spray and CHI iron guard at a local drug store (CVS or Rite Aid) or grocery store. You can order the Avon smoothing fluid from

Good luck!!
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I think this is a good time to use a professional, LOL. You can't see the back of your head, and you like volume, if you use a flatiron it will deflate your hair. Make an appt for a blow-out at a salon, good hairstylist can get you straight with a blow dryer, I was skeptical but it lasted till I washed it, and I'm in FL so you know it's humid here.
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thank you all for replying!!

well today was the day i straightened my hair and it is actually cool out because were having a cold front here in florida so it landed on the perfect day my hair stayed straight all day and now i am actually letting my hair air dry curly for tomorrow when I go to school.

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