Do you think this is a better representative of hair types?

I've seen post where people just have NO IDEA what their hair type is but i think this -----------> <--------- is a much better representative because i found out that i have a 3c middle and 4a edges
I think some of those 3b sub-types are more 3c. JMO.
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There was a thread about this last Spring:

While pictures are good, I think there could be better descriptors. I think it's better because it types the wavies by tightness of wave as well--no 2c?

It may make some people happier--don't know. My curls are larger in size, so I type myself mostly as a 3a. They do start right at the root, so I sometimes add in a little 3b. By this typing system, I'm a 3b1.

While one wants to know their type when they start, we all know that type is not what matters as far as products go.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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