Drying too fast, frizzy and limp?

My hair is suddenly drying way faster than normal, especially if I plop. It drips for a short time after I get out of the shower and then immediately starts to look dry and not water-saturated like it normally would. When it's fully dry, it's like the worst hair day ever--flat, undefined, frizzy and weak looking. I clarified (with SLS, no less) yesterday but no go.

I did an egg wash on Thursday night, so I think it may be a protein issue or lack of moisture? Should I try a honey treatment? Or could this even be an OC problem?

Thank you for any help/advice you can give, I'm at my wits' end here
It could be you need protein or moisture. What texture and porosity hair do you have?

I find that plopping will pull all the moisture from my hair so I don't do that anymore. For me the super fast drying thing is a porosity issue and plopping robs my hair of moisture I need to keep in. Before I was CG, silicone was always coating my hair so I never knew I had porous hair. After strict CG my hair is not coated with anything so it dries very fast. This led me to find out that I have highly porous hair and the moisture is escaping from my hair at a fast rate. In order to remedy this I have to super moisturize with a lot of leave in (like 6 tbs) then seal in the moisture with oils or gel.

Perhaps this is what is going on with your hair. From what you described, I would say you need more moisture because you may have porous hair. You should do a porosity test if you don't know your porosity level. Simple test: Next time you soak your hair time how long it takes to become soaking wet. Fast (like seconds) = porous; Slow (1 minute) = low porosity
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