1. How bad are ACV rinses for your hair? I think I read somewhere on here that they're pretty damaging (which makes sense) & that you should only do them once every 2 weeks... would once every week be a bad idea? I don't want to ruin my hair, but my best hair days are always the ACV-rinse days!

2. I've been mod CG (still low-poo every 3-4 days) for 2 months now, & my 2b hair is definitely wavier when I diffuse it. I'm still using HE Totally Twisted, which I used pre-cg as well. But pre-CG, I could use the mousse & end up with loose waves... now, if I don't diffuse, my hair air-dries basically straight! Has anyone experienced this/know why it's happening/have any ideas to prevent it?

3. I love my diffused waves, but they get very droopy/stringy by the end of the day. Any suggestions for a holding product? The HETT mousse is the only product I use right now.

4. I want a cut that will enhance my waves, but don't know where to start looking for someone who knows what they're doing. Any tips? I live in MA if that matters!

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