Is baby shampoo bad?

I've been using it once a week or so since I went CG about two years ago. But a stylist recently told me it was very damaging, & was what salons used to strip color from hair.

I asked her exactly what was in baby shampoo that was bad, but she didn't know. I'm confused. How can baby shampoo be harsh enough to strip permanent color, but gentle enough for baby hair?

Input from the resident experts would be appreciated.
My input is that you should get a new stylist. Baby shampoo is very gentle. They are sulfate free and most use cocamidpropyl betaine, which is a lowpoo cleanser.

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My input is that you should get a new stylist. Baby shampoo is very gentle. They are sulfate free and most use cocamidpropyl betaine, which is a lowpoo cleanser.
Originally Posted by Laura Lee
This is good to know Laura Lee!
I was looking for info on it also.
Knew it was sulfate free but does anybody use it with good results?
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IMO Johnsons Baby Shampoo is VERY HARSH. Just saying.
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IMo the cleansers themselves are gentle enough but there's a bunch of them in baby shampoo. Plus, add in the fact that most baby shampoos have absolutely no conditioning agents at all and I can see it being pretty harsh by some standards.
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I was using a baby shampoo on my toddler's hair before I went CG. It was Li'l Goat's Milk. I got it at a health food store, and I assumed it would be gentle on my little one's head. Boy was I wrong! His hair was always brittle and dried out. He's the first two year-old I've seen with split ends! When I went CG and started paying more attention to ingredients, I took a look at his shampoo. Mixed in with the goat's milk and aloe were several sulfates, dimethicone, and polyquats! No wonder! I've since started washing his hair with V05 conditioner and the difference is night and day. Long post short, just because something says "baby" don't assume it'll be gentle.
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I haven't used baby shampoo on my hair or anyone else's in many years. However, I did buy California Baby shampoo years ago to use as a facial cleanser -- read that it was good for that use back then. It was terribly drying to my skin. Now I use it to clean my makeup brushes and I think it's almost too harsh for natural hair brushes too. JMO.
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