Sea salt?

I've read some thngs lately about using sea salt in hair. What does it do? How do you use it and does it strip color? Is it drying?

I do use it on my face as a rinse after I wash and it has made my skin very soft and bright.
How do you use it on your face? Do you just mix it with water? What's the water to sea salt ratio?
I've seen different ratio's used, but what I do is this.

I bought sea salt that is packaged in one of those grinder shakers. I grind 3 turns into the palm of my hand and then fill my cupped hand with water and swish the salt around in it with my finger. Most, not all of it will dissolve. I then pat it all over my face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for a minute or two and then splash rinse off. I use daily. If you find it stings, then cut back a bit on the amount of salt. I have received tons of compliments on my skin since I have been doing this.
more info can be found on . great source for cosmetic info and reviews.

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I use Himalayan crystal salt in water as a spritz. It adds a little body and is not drying.
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