I ordered a short length SatinSakk in platinum and it arrived today. Tho this doesn't matter much, I enjoyed how nicely it was packaged - came in a pretty box that will be handy for storing it when I'm not using it.

Out of the box, it definitely looks a lot sturdier than any of the other satin caps or scarves I've tried. Worn, it feels a lot more secure than the other wraps I've tried, and the way the band is sewn, it doesn't leave any marks across the forehead (this was an important point for me, as scarf hems and elastic cap bands have been giving me forehead lines). It stays on nicely, feels secure, and isn't uncomfortable to sleep it.

So last night I pineappled my hair and wore the SatinSakk over it. I will say that it's a bit snug when you do that - the bottom part of it has some elastic, and because of the position of my pineapple, that created some pressure on my head. I worked around it and it ended up being ok, but still slightly snug. I think if you don't pineapple under it it will be fine.

I was concerned that it would flatten my hair at the roots, since it ended up pushing my pineapple back a bit and flattening the front part of my head. However, when I took it off this morning and shook my hair out, I had plenty of root volume. Not sure if it's the FSG I used that's giving me root volume, or something with the SatinSakk. At any rate, two thumbs up! I'm loving this thing.
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