How long is my hair?

Ok, so I have a question about the length of my hair. I do wear my hair curly about 65% of the time, so I also have it straightened a good amount of time as well. I was wondering how long I would say my hair is if someone asked me. My hair is about chin length when curly and collar bone length when straight. So would I just tell them chin length, collar bone, or do I have to describe the difference from curly to straight?
Good question.

If someone here asks me how long my hair is, I say that is a between hip and tailbone when wet, and at the bottom of BSL when dry. People here understand shrinkage, and people like to see the shrinkage of different curl types.

In everyday terms, I say midback because I wear my hair curly most of the time. I get a couple of blowouts a year and I can get a week out of them, but that's about all I do.
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Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I usually just pull a curl to show them so people can pick and define how long my hair is. They are learning the visual way.
2b with some 3a i think
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