So confused...does my hair have low or high porosity?

I've been reading the E-book I bought from Live Curly, Live Free and I'm trying to figure out my hair's porosity.

It says hair with low porosity is considered resistant hair. When I used to thermally recondition my hair it took a long time and even then it would not totally straighten my hair. Once I had to get it done again 4 weeks after the first treatment because it just didn't "take" very well. So I'm thinking..."Okay, I've got low porosity."

But then, when I check my hair to determine porosity and run my finger down a strand of hair, my fingers "catch" going up the strand which is described as high porosity.

So, which one am I?

Also, when I get my hair colored, it doesn't seem to take any longer than anyone else's in the salon for their color to take.

Anyone have any idea how I can tell for sure about my hair's porosity?

I thought I had high porosity...was completely sure of it...until I had a professional tell me it was normal. So my recommendation would be to have your stylist help you figure it out. Sorry I'm not much help .
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Thanks Angela. I will have to ask my stylist what she thinks and see if she can help me out.
I think that porosity is hard to figure out.

My hair also seems to take color easily. And when I run my fingers up a strand, it seems smooth. So, I thought I had normal porosity.

But, my hair color also fades quickly and my hair tends to be dry. (But, I also have hard water and wash my hair frequently, so that can be a problem). So, do I have overly porous hair?

Who knows. I can't figure mine out either.

I guess a stylist would know more.
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I thought I had high porosity, but it turns out that it's low porosity, and that my hair was catching on the callous on my fingers (I'm a string player).

my hair can't soak oil,and it takes awhile for the roots to get soaked in the showers, so it's low por. I heard of a soak test you could do, like hold a strand of your hair and see how long it takes for water to move up the shaft, but I can't remember why or the time restraints for each level. I look for it though.
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I've also heard of checking the porosity of your hair by taking a few strands of hair, one from the back, top and sides of your head, and dropping them in a bowl of water. If they sink within 5 to 10 seconds, then your hair is overly porous (high porosity).

I'm confused....
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density
2b-c/F/ii hair gets really wet very easily in the shower so I don't know. Maybe I'll try that test where I drop a few hairs into water and see what happens. Thanks!!
I thought I had high porosity...was completely sure of it...until I had a professional tell me it was normal. So my recommendation would be to have your stylist help you figure it out.
I haven't done this, but I think it's good advice.
*warning porosity rant*
Oh porosity, why must you be my white wale. An ever elusive answer I can never quite nail down. My porosity guess varies from medium to extremely porous depending on which description I read.
It stayed afloat for about 2 days before I took the water glass with hair floating in it off the coffee table. That would indicate low porosity. I'm certain it is not low. I did a strand test and my hair is so fine you can't even feel the strand itself. Even if you can, JC at the blog Then Natural Haven says porosity can only be felt on severely damaged hair. I also read somewhere (can't remember where exactly) that there was a study and people could not pick out the porous hair (as seen under a microscope) by feeling it with their fingers.
*disclaimer* Plenty of people strongly disagree with the Natural Haven's stance. Lots of curlies say they can feel their porous hair in a strand test. I'm just reporting what I read. I'm not a scientist, but JC at Nat Haven is. I think many people are frustrated with the strand test, and this could explain why.
My hair has very predictable result with color. (med) It takes curling perms very tightly, and then relaxes a lot later. (porous) Etc., etc., etc.
My point is, porosity isn't easy. I suspect I'm porous or very porous. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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