Why do you use two different conditioners ...

I'm almost done with my last bottle of Deva No Poo and was just going to start using Devacare One C as my co-wash and my conditioner. I notice a lot of people use one conditioner as their co-wash and one as their conditioner and then sometimes a different one for their leave-in. I was planning on using Devacare One C or whatever other conditioner I try for everything.

Anyway, do people use one product to co-wash, like something a little more affordable, and then save the more pricey conditioner as their conditioner and/or leave-in? Just curious since I haven't done much experimenting and am such a CG virgin LOL

Thanks for your help.
Lately I've been using Suave coconut for a co wash. Giovanni 50:50 for a rinse out and GF Triple nutrition as my leave in.

I use the suave because it's light and more cleansing than moisturizing IMO. The 50:50 because it seems to be pretty moisturizing. And the triple nutrition because of the moisturizing oils. I can't use the triple nutrition as a co wash and/or rinse out because it just doesn't work well for me that way. The suave is too light for what I need for a leave in. I can use the 50:50 for a leave in but I find the triple nutrition has been working pretty good and right now I'm of the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mind set. Plus I have so much conditioner right now I need to use some of it up!
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Good question! I started using 2 conditioners because that's what I saw others on the board do. LOL! Now that I've been at it for a bit and know my hair better, I have different combinations or single preferences depending on what my hair needs.
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I think that some people use a lighter (sometimes cheaper) conditioner as their co-wash (like Suave Coconut) and then use a more moisturizing, thicker conditioner as their conditioner and leave-in. But, I think you can do whatever works best for your hair.
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Yes, for me it's a money thing. I want to save money on the co-wash which doesn't matter as much so that I can buy a richer conditioner for my rinse-out.
I just use the same conditioner for all 3 and I don't necessarily always use the same conditioner, because I like to try different ones. Sometimes if I buy a conditioner and I don't like it because it doesn't have enough slip or whatever, then I will just use it as a leave in until it's gone so I am not wasting money or product. For me it's all about practicality. Having all those bottles around and having to lug them along when I travel would just drive me crazy.

Some people use 2 different condishes because of the ingredients. I'll use AOHR when my hair seems to want just moisture and another condish like Suave or Burt's Bees when it seems to need more protein. Protein makes my hair curl more. But like most people, I also use Suave/VO5 to cowash or to save money in between other things.
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Good question! I started using 2 conditioners because that's what I saw others on the board do. LOL!
Originally Posted by angel29ish
Exactly what I did too. Now I pretty much use 1 conditioner for my co-wash, rinse-out and leave-in.
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Yes, most use as cheap a conditioner as they can get by with for co-washing since it takes quite a bit - that's why you see so many using either Suave or VO5. I personally use GTTTT because I need it for my scalp, otherwise I'd probably use VO5 blackberry sage or vanilla mint - my hair doesn't like the popular Suave coconut.

Some use the same conditioner as their rinse-out, but many like something that's even more conditioning - whatever, you use, you should rinse out the co-wash conditioner to get rid of the dirt and impurities and then add fresh product for actual conditioning, especially if you're going to be leaving some of it in your hair.

Some use still more of the same conditioner as a leave-in, but most use something different. As with everything else to do with our hair, everybody's different! You just have to experiment and find what works for you and your hair.
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Thanks everyone! I guess it's all experimenting and finding out what works. I may try something less expensive for my co-wash too since the $$ add up quickly with all my hair. Thanks again.

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