How to diffuse?

Could someone give me a detailed description of how to diffuse?
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This is a helpful short video from jessicurl. There are also a few extra videos on curl styling stuff.
Many people, including me, like the pixie curl method. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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Hope you're comfy this seems long.

I love my diffuser, I have a bowl diffuser. I do it upside down to start, I guess where to start would be where you are least curly- for me that is the back of my crown. I vary the speed depending on how patient I feel but it's always on high heat. I cup my hair in the bowl up against my head and I don't move it, I shoot for 20-30 seconds if on high, OR 45 seconds to a minute on low, then I move it to another section to repeat. Once I've done everything I can reasonably reach upside down I'll hit all those spots a second time, for maybe half the time or a little longer. Then I gently flip my head back and to the side so that I can reach the underside, same method same time. My hair is still damp/wet by now but I've set the curl some. If I do it all the way upside down, it can get wonky at the root, and that's hard to fix once dry so at this point I finish right side up. Any wierd curls or bits pointing in the wrong direction can still be fixed if it's still damp- but not too dry. Maybe 40% dry would be my guess.

I'm lucky in that I have shower doors right across from my mirror, so I put a tilt mirror on top of the shower & I can see the back and top of my head without having to hold the mirror. This way I can hit the least curly part- the back crown- a third time, same method- put it in place and keep it there for 20-30 seconds. I can do the sides this way too, then I can clip and see what it looks like from the front and the back/top at the same time. Then diffuse a little more on low to encourage curl.

I have heard a little about pixiecurl, I think this is similar maybe- but I think I do it for shorter periods of time and then go back around and repeat. My reasoning is if a curl gets in a wierd position and I dry it most of the way in that position, that curl's gonna be wierd. By moving a few times, each curl can settle into the diffusing cup again and hopefuly not wonky the second time. By the third time the curl is pretty set I'm just trying to sqeeze out any more curl that i can, and make sure it's close enough to dry.

I find that if I style and diffuse with the intent of great clumps, I lack volume real bad. If I shoot for volume, my curls are less defined, more frizzy and not quite as curly, though I had a cool learning experience this week about getting 2nd day hair. Pineappling overnight adds volume for me. Anyway I'm getting off track here...the KEY is put it someplace and keep it there. Don't bounce it around, don't wave it around like a regular hair dryer. Don't hold it off to the side and use your fingers to cram hair into the bowl. Be gentle and move slow. And yes stylists have all done that stuff to me and it comes out horrible!
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