Help with my curly hair!


I had beautiful curly hair before I started straightening it a lot and I dyed it blonde. Now, I start to let my hair naturally curly but I see that my hair is damaged and is not like before.It's not curly like before and I really regret putting that much heat in my hair. It's definitally sure that I'm not putting heat no more in my hair. What can I do to have healthy curly hair again?
I straightened my hair every day for 12 years. I also colored and highlighted it during that time. It took me approximately three months of moisturizing and protein treatments to get it to curl again.

Unfortunately, my hair was so damaged, the only real cure was to cut off the damaged hair. It took me a year and a half to cut off all the damaged hair (I had a couple major haircuts in there). After the first three months, the process got much easier though.
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We, people with naturally curly hair needs moisture. Some articles say that we need shampoos that are designed to restore your hair moisture level to its optimum 8%. Don't ask me how we know we reach this level though . Aside from that, intense conditioners will help repair the damaged cuticles, improve porosity and elasticity of your hair.

Visit your stylist too to get rid of damaged hair.

Good luck!

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