A few questions about hard water

I have well water and while we have a water softener, someone told me that it only softens warm/hot water. If I'm doing cold water rinses as a final rinse am I rinsing my hair with hard water? Also does hard water cause higher porosity. I've been reading about Roux Porosity Control Conditioner and how it counteracts hard water issues. I guess I never realized how much just my water can affect my hair.

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I guess a lot of that depends on where your water softener is located. If it in the pipe bringing water to the house, it is softening everything. If it is attached to the pipe coming out of the water heater, then you would need to see if the cold water is going thru it too. I think they are usually hooked up to soften all the water, but you'll just have to look at it.

If you are really worried about it, you could get a shower head water filter. It attaches to the back of your shower head, so all the water is filtered. You should be able to find one for less than $30.

I miss my Texas well water- it was beautiful!
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I didn't know that Roux Porosity control would counteract hard water? I'll have to look that up myself.

I dont' know if hard water actually cause higher porosity, as it casues it to ACT like its higher porosity. For me, my hair gets producty and frizzy. And just in general doesn't behave well.

I agree with lucky curls. When I had a water softener, it softened all the water, because it was the next thing in line after the pump. Then it went to the hot water tank. The softening system we had (iron removal and a salt tank) didn't depend on the temperature of the water to work.

Now we have almost as hard city water with no softener. Man I wish I'd kept that salt tank lol.

I had no idea how much water affected anything until I moved into an area with problem water. My whites are gray and nothing ever gets soft! its always stiff. Back home, I could get the cheapest wal-mart sheets and just wash them a few times, use fabric softener and they'd be awesome. Here, its like sleeping on cardboard! LOL.
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