About to spend 4 months in Buenos Aires...

And I live in New York and have access to any and all of the products discussed on this thread.

How will my PJ self survive?

Anyone have any recommendations? / Anyone from BA?
Pack a suitcase full of hair supplies?

Other than that, when I was in Peru, there were boticas on every corner with hair products. Not a huge selection, but if you're going to be there for four months, you probably speak Spanish well enough to figure out the equivalent -cones in Spanish. And the larger grocery stores carried quite a few hair products. I'm part of the cg on a budget crowd, so I'd be all for experimenting.

OH! And, BA is a large city, so they probably have high end salons, just like Lima did, where you can get higher quality stuff if that's what you're about.

Hope this helps
2b, high porosity, medium texture
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Current routine:

low poo: GTTTT
rinse out: Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily
leave-in: GVP Conditioning Balm or Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition
stylers: Proclaim Curl Activator Gel, Proclaim Crystal Ice Protein Gel or Ecostyler Krystal Gel
I've spent 3 to 4 months in a small village in Mexico on a number of occasions, and I have always packed all of the hair products I need for the whole time. It's very hard to get personal hygiene and grooming items in that village - one year I couldn't even find a toothbrush!

I wouldn't take the chance of not being able to find what I need - I'd pack the works just to be on the safe side.
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Loving AOHR, Biolage Conditioning Balm, KCCC.

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