What type hair would you say I have?

The front part around my face is flat and just wavy. Everything underneath in the back is quite coarse and kinky though.

I'm looking for a new style or something. I have a big/round face so I need to disguise that with a good cut. My hair is currently a couple of inches past my shoulders. It's all one length and if I put gel in it it doesn't really curl much not the front of it anyway but if I don't put gel in it it's a huge frizzy mess.

Any ideas for a new look?
How about long layers in the back and face-framing around your face. This might elongate your face so it doesn't look as round.

Maybe instead of using a gel, you can just try a leave-in product that is not so heavy - won't weigh down the curl as much as a gel. Some people also mix gel with some water in a spray bottle and use this instead of a gel.

Do you have any pictures of your hair? Thanks.

Good luck.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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