Can I Have the Lowdown on Protein?

I hear alot of talk about how some people can't tolerate alot of protein in their hair, but some people love it. Can someone explain how protein affects the hair. How do you know when you need protein and how do you know you are using too much?

Are there different types of proteins?

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great article on protein and moisture balance. page 5 helps you figure out what your hair needs.

types of protein and which ones can make it into the hair. I love this whole blog. Lots of great info and it's written by a scientist. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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The way I know I need protein is when my hair is flat and limp.

When I was washing with sulfate poo's my hair would always be voluminuos (sp) and bouncy. Doing CG my hair isn't quite so bouncy and full of volume, but when it gets particularly flat and lifeless and I feel like I want to use a sulfate shampoo to get that volume back, I reach for the protein and my hair is as good as new!

Just remember to rinse with ACV and do a DT right after!

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