View Poll Results: How do you dry your hair?
1-Air dry 30 51.72%
2-Diffuse on warm 22 37.93%
3-Diffuse on cool 4 6.90%
4-Other 2 3.45%
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How do you dry your hair?

I am trying to get on the CG bandwagon-but it isn't easy! I am now using No Poo, One C, B'Leavin, and Angell. I had my haircut yesterday per CG style-and I really do like it. BUT-I like to diffuse my hair on warm. I plop for about an hour while I get my baby up and fed and such-then I diffuse on warm-takes about 15 minutes. My hair does frizz I think quite a bit-so I know the heat is part of the problem. My stylist really wants me to let it air dry. It looks so nice and curly and full after being diffused. I don't want to have flat hair. Those of you who let it air dry-is your hair full? It will take HOURS for it to air dry. I really want to follow this to the T-but can I do it? Especially with winter coming! I know my hair can be healthier-and letting it air dry will save me time-but is it worth it? And how long did it take before your hair started looking healthier after not using a hair dryer? And how can you have a "hair-do" with your hair wet?

I wrap mine in a micro fibre towel straight out of the shower and leave it on while I get dried, do my face etc. (Can't plop as I get a tangled birds nest!). Then I let it loose and leave it to dry for at least an hour, then I finish it off with a diffuser (about 5 mins). I can't diffuse from really wet as I just end up with frizz and little definition, nor can I just let it air dry as then I end up with flat, stringy curls. I can let it air dry completely but I still have to diffuse a bit as otherwise my hair would look wet and stringy all day. It's very weird and very trying! I have to say though, that I really don't like too much volume.
I picked airdry because that's what I do most of the time. Sometimes I might diffuse on low for 5 minutes, but that's only if I'm extremely short on time. I get better clumping when I air-dry, which is what I like, and less fly-aways. I plop for as long as I can, but I think what really helps speed up the drying time a bit is that I use these really absorbent, cloth-paper towels to scrunch my hair with right after I've added my products. I scrunch quite a bit until the 3 towels are soaked, then I plop for at least 20 minutes, but sometimes up to an hour. I still takes a few hours for my hair to completely dry, but at least it's better than the several hours it would take if I didn't do the above. I think my hair can be deceiving because while it's not coarse, I definitely have a lot of it, and every stylist has always commented on how much moisture it sucks up and how long it takes to dry.
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Thanks ladies! I just don't know what to do. I showered this morning-used only One C (yay for me-I didn't even use my no-poo) and plopped for an hour. Now my hair has been down for an hour or so-and showing no signs of it wanting to dry. I know I should really give air drying a chance-as I know my hair will be healthier and less frizzy. I guess I just fear that it won't look good-it'll look flat. I know diffusing on cool would take forever-but it wouldn't hurt my hair like the heat would-right? I keep telling myself to just give air drying a chance. But-as soon as my baby wakes up from her nap-we have errands to run. And it is raining outside and cool. What's a curly girl to do? Argh!

Do you all wash your hair at night-or in the morning? I don't like the idea of going somewhere and still have wet hair. Can you tell? I also think my hair would look bad if I showered in the evening and let it dry then or overnight.

Lush-one more thing-you are the second person to say they towel squeezed their hair AFTER products were put in. How come? I would think a lot of the product would come out? I'm still learning here!
I do my hair in the morning. I rinse upside down, apply products upside down, gently squeeze out excess water with my microfiber towel (some product gets squeezed out but it's mostly water) then plop for no more than twenty minutes. I diffuse with warm air for 20 - 30 minutes then I let it airdry the rest of the way. When I don't diffuse and just let it airdry, it does end up pretty flat. The heat doesn't do that much damage to my hair.

Curlygaladi, I'm thinking maybe you are plopping too long. If I plopped for an hour my hair would be nothing but frizz. Twenty minutes is the max I can go. Just a suggestion!
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Thanks Ab-star! I don't know if plopping even does me any good-right now it is a matter of convenience. I don't think it makes my hair any frizzier-it is still pretty wet after I take it down (I use a T-shirt). I think I will try to diffuse on cool here in a bit. It has been air drying for an hour now. This is supposed to be easy-but I am finding very complicated to do NOTHING to my hair!
You might find that airdrying first and then diffusing will create frizz.

I also plop in a t-shirt, it just seems like the longer I leave it up the more frizz I end up with. Don't get frustrated, it's hard to find what works for your curls...I'm still trying to figure it out too!
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Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
I wash my hair at night, usually 3-4 hours before I plan on going to bed. (Once I'm home from class, I don't usually go anywhere, so I don't have to worry about going out with wet hair.) I plop for 20-30 minutes and then diffuse for 10. I let my hair air dry the rest of the way. Diffusing for 10 minutes takes a full hour off of what would be my typical airdrying time. Then I go to bed with my hair 100% dry; if I go to bed with it wet, some parts straighten out and others curl too tightly. Overnight my curls inexplicably coil more tightly, even though my hair's already dry, so I wake up in the morning with tight curls and nice volume (albeit a little frizz, which doesn't bother me so much). I scrunch in some re:coil, and occasionally I'll apply some cream to my crown if my frizz is too bad, and I'm good to go.
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I air-dry my hair only. Using direct heat on my curls just isn't even an option for me anymore.

I wash my hair mainly either late afternoon or early evening for the most part. By the time I wash up and go to bed at night, my hair be completely dry. And I only wash my hair (in a week's time) 1 or maybe 2 times. Never more than that.
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I only airdry my hair. 2 reasons: 1. My hair looks healthier and more defined 2. SOOOO Much easier. I don't have time to sit there and dry my hair. ~~jax
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I guess I just fear that it won't look good-it'll look flat.
Originally Posted by Curlygalali
Why dont you try using claw clips ande clipping them at your roots? This helps me TON. I get better volume, curl formation, and my hair drys faster.

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Lush-one more thing-you are the second person to say they towel squeezed their hair AFTER products were put in. How come? I would think a lot of the product would come out? I'm still learning here!
Originally Posted by Curlygalali
The main reason I scrunch with the paper towels after I apply product, is because you're obviously absorbing the moisture with the them, and I like to put products on my hair when it's wet because I get better clumping and less frizz than if I put them of after I've scrunched with the paper towels. Does that make sense?
And I was about to recommend what unique just said regarding the clips. That's what I do and it helps give me lift at the roots. I just put those small silver duckbill clips (about 10 or so) at the roots, and leave them there while my hair is airdrying. It really helps! I must say though, that yes, airdrying does take a long time, but my hair looks so much better when I let it airdry all the way instead of diffusing some. For example today, I washed my hair at 11 this morning, and it's almost 8pm here now and my hair is finally completely dry. When I checked at 7pm, it was still damp in many parts.
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I plop for about 20- 30 minutes and then airdry. I do my hair in the morning. I don't diffuse because- well, because I don't have the patience and I don't own a hairdryer!
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I only airdry my hair. 2 reasons: 1. My hair looks healthier and more defined 2. SOOOO Much easier. I don't have time to sit there and dry my hair. ~~jax
Originally Posted by Jaxie
Same, except I plop/tuban my hair for 5 minutes after shower (i'm product free btw)
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I diffused for about a week after buying an ion ceramic dryer with diffuser but I'm back to air drying. If I need to go somewhere I'll disffuse on warm but 99% of the time I air dry.
My curls need time to wind around and they can do that better air drying and I don't have to sweat that way. Diffusing raises my body temp whew!
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I am really surprised at the amount of us that airdry. Where the heck are you?? I never see any of you around town!! When I go out with wet hair I feel like the only freak that airdries, lol!!

We stay very busy and I leave my house every morning at 7:20. I don't have enough time to airdry! I get up at 5:30 as it is. I do like the way my hair looks better when it's diffused but I like to airdry sometimes - I just hate going places with a wet head. (Although I did get a compliment on my wet hair the other day - ??)

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I am impressed by how many of you airdry too! It would make life a lot easier-but I don't know if I can do it! I know it would be SO much healthier on my hair though! Today I plopped for 15 minutes then diffused on COOL for 10 minutes. Then air dried for 30 minutes or so and then ended up diffusing on COOL the rest of the way. I didn't want to go to church with wet hair. Yeah-I never see any curlies out there with wet hair! Where are you?

Tell me-will diffusing on cool damage my hair? I know the heat does-but will the cool air? I SO want healthy beautiful hair!

How long after making the CG changes did it take for your hair to look dramatically different (to you at least)?

I tend to get a stringly/noodly look if I airday. I either sleep with it plopped in a microfiber towel or I plop for 10-20 and then diffuse.
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