I have completely destroyed my curl!

A few years ago I was a mod-CG. CO-Washed most days, low poo'd about once a week. My 2b/3a mix hair looked great! With a huge change in my schedule, I found it difficult to adjust my hair routine. I fell into a trap where I went back to sulfate/cone laden products and I flat iron or blow dry very often.

My hair is quite dry and I can tell it is damaged. I tried wearing it curly yesterday and while it looked *ok*, it was fuzzy and my wave/curl pattern was pretty weak. I don't even know where to start in tackling my hair. To start, I shower at night, no time in the morning.
I realized that I should have added a bit more information, at least what I can remember about my hair. Oops!

-Hair is fine in texture, but I have a lot of it.
-VO5 made my hair icky
-I workout/swim a lot so I have to at least COwash frequently and protect my hair from chlorine
-My hair liked HE Set Me Up (I think that was the name?) gel, but it hates the one in the purple tube
-It loved joiwhip but that stuff is $$
-A dab of recoil was ok, but sometimes I got frizz

...it is just and awful mess right now, ick.
I would just say to start treating it with some TLC and it should start to bounce back. Make sure to saturate your hair with tap water and/or conditioner before swimming to prevent chlorine drying it out. I think if you do a lot of special treatment, deep conditioning treatments, the hair will bounce back! Good luck!

Thanks sunshine, any deep conditioners you recommend (or a thread that may lead me to a few to try)?
Thanks sunshine, any deep conditioners you recommend (or a thread that may lead me to a few to try)?
Originally Posted by kelly728
I am a big fan of Biolage Conditioning Balm or any of it's knockoffs for pure moisture. I like non-CG conditioners for protein Deep Conditioners like Joico K-Pak (Mineral Oil) or Malibu 2000 Reconstructing Conditioner (Dimethicone, I think) And Redken Deep Fuel (couple of 'cones I think). I also really like (though haven't used it in forever...forgot about it honestly with all my hair drama lately) DevaCurl's Heaven-In-Hair, Moptop's Deep Conditioner, AG's Recoil deep conditioner (From a swap, thanks LL!) and Kinky-Curly's Midnight Curls (LOVE this because you just put it on at night and rinse it out in the morning. Genius!).

I do know that for protein, the Redken CAT reconstructor (Hope that name is right, it's a spray) is CG, so that might help. If your hair is really as damaged as you're saying, protein is probably what you need unless you turn out to be protein sensitive. My hair tends to love it. So I use a lot of it. Well, I used to. Now that it's 1 inch long...not so much!

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