Some questions about product application.

These are questions I thought of while going through my routine this morning. I am not very experienced with hair products, so please bear with me.

1) Those of you who use different products for your co-wash, rinse out and leave-in conditioners, which step of the process do you think has the most affect on how your hair looks that day? That is, if I need to lighten up on one because my hair is looking greasy by the end of the day, which step is the most likely cause of the greasiness? I have fine (but thick) hair. (Or does the step involved not matter, and it's purely down to product heaviness?)

2) When you do your leave-in, do you work it in all the way up to the roots, or do you just do the ends or what?

3) Do you comb through your wet hair to work in the leave-in as in this video at Jessicurl, or just scrunch it in and hope for the best?

4) And also, just for the heck of it, any fine-haired curlies have recommendations for products? I need moisture and definition but without weight and greasiness.

Thanks for your thoughts! At this point, I'm making little adjustments each day and seeing how it goes.

Not sure if my answers will help, but I'll try (I'm not a fine hair curly).

1. I would say that the co-wash wouldn't cause you greasyness because your supposed to completely rinse it all out to get rid of any junk you lift from scrubbing your scalp - however you could alternate days of co-washing and water-washing (just scrubbing your scalp with water).
Also if you're having problems with conditioner-heaviness you could try either not completely rinsing out your rinse-out and then not using a leave-in OR you could completely rinse out your rinse out and then put some leave-in conditioner in so that you can more easily control how much conditioner ends up being in your hair. You could also look for co-washes, rinseouts, and leave-ins that are very low on oils - as this might add to any greasy or weighed down factors.

2. I definitely always have dry hair but I still try to avoid getting too much conditioner in at my roots, I find them to be soft without it - its the non-"dead" hair. As well, I find if I have too much conditioner near the roots they don't hold a curl - weighs them down. That being said I get surface/halo frizz so it's all a balancing act.

3. For my cowash and rinseout I finger-comb them through but for a leave-in i just scrunch it in and maybe very sparingly/gently finger-comb it through if I feel like its not distributing evenly. I find if I fingercomb or regular comb outside of the shower it makes my curls really skinny and not clumpy - NOT what I want
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Hey Tielesse!

I'm a fine haired 2C who gets greasy and weighed down really easily. I don't have a lot of hair though, so I have to be extra careful with too many oils. I have found that any product in any step can cause me to get greasy. Though Sarina is right, most people use a lighter conditioner to co-wash with, and most of it gets rinsed out anyway.

I've used loo-poos that left my hair greasy. I'm probably an extreme though.

When I use a leave-in, I almost always scrunch those in, I try to avoid too much stuff at the roots. My curl pattern is so wishy-washy though, I use all the help I can get. I don't finger comb anything in, except for my rinse out condish to get it distributed. I don't really need any serious detangling.

I really hate to give product recommendations, because my hair is soo weird, but I really like the Deva No-poo & low-poo, Artec textureline volume gel -- holds decently and doesn't weigh my hair down.

Leave ins -- curl junkie both the old and new. Lustrasilk Olive oil & cholesterol.

if you want more product recommendations and advice, I recommend that you take a gander at the 2's board. There is a hair biography thread where there is a listing of everyone's fave products and their hair type.
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Thank you both for the tips! Right now all I've got is the Garnier Triple Nutrition Fortifying Cream conditioner, and some leftover Burt's Bees Raspberry & Brazil Nut conditioner. The former works well but by the end of the day my hair just looks greasy as heck (I am used to having pretty good 2nd and 3rd day hair so this is frustrating for me -- but that was when I was shampooing every shower of course) and the latter seems to make my hair dull and a bit too soft and undefined. I was sort of hoping by skipping a step maybe I could lighten some of the load on my hair when I use the Garnier. I'm convinced I need some sort of leave-in, but I think the Garnier just may be too heavy for me to use it that way.

I'm looking forward to trying some more products as soon as I can afford it, because even though my hair is improving, it's still driving me nuts.

I think it's the products that you use and not which step. I cowashed for six months, but my hair likes natural soap bars for cleansing--tighter curl and more volume. I was doing one every three days, but have weaned to every five. I rake all products in and then scrunch, otherwise I don't get even distribution. Weekly DTs may help with the dry hair.

I have fine, low porosity hair. I use minute amounts of most products. I also rotate products, seldom using any one product more then twice a week. This helps me with definition and volume. My current favorites are in my signature.
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