you think this will work?

Ok, here's my hair!

And here's the pic I'm taking to the hair stylist wednesday for my you think it will look similar to this if I get some layers cut in it, and give me some body on top? I'm thinking it's time for another wave perm on top....UGH! I'm hoping with the layers, it will take off weight and give me more volume on top?

I think it will work; but prepare to spend helluva time styling it (root clipping, diffusing etc)
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her hair is gorgeous but she's got a team of stylists to do it for her. Layers would help you, but it probably won't look like hers- I bet it will still look great though. You should go for it.
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Well, I have to be honest,I dont know if your hair will do that - it looks like it isnt the same texture or volume as hers. But see what the stylist says.
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I think that you may get something similar with some layers in your hair - you look like you can get some good lift on top and it could be the length thats cutting down on width for you, but hopefully with some layers that will help. I think if you have in your mind a similar style as opposed to exactly like hers then you can get something like that (I love her hair too)
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