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I am looking for a new hairdryer, th type that allows a bowl diffuser to attach to it I would greatly appreciate a few hairdryer reviews

Thanks so much!
I recently got this one from Sally's; after my cheap Cohnair fried my ends:,pd.html

It's really good and reviews on S's site are pretty accurate. The only thing I don't like about it is a diffuser attachment - I need a bigger and deeper one; but I just use my old diffuser (also from Sally's).

It's expensive, so I waited for Sally's coupon and got it with 20% discount. I think it's worth it (especially after having 3 inches chopped off after stupid Cohnair).
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I just bought this Conair dryer for $34 for my daughter in college: It works really well and eliminates frizz.

I use the Sedu Ultrapower Tourmaline dryer, but it costs $135. It is really great - I love it.

The Sedu is fabulous. To me, it was worth every penny. It is 3 years old and is still like new. The heat just seems more concentrated. The nozzle is narrower so my hair doesn't fly all over the place. Plus, it just feels like the heat is stronger. My hair dries quicker and with no frizz.

Good luck.
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