Hair Losing Curly/Product suggestion

Hi All,
I would give a long introduction of myself here but I'll just give a short one for now:
-For over a year I've been using Deva's No-Poo and One Condition. Just started using the DevaSun w/ defuser this October. Use Deva's AnGel.
-I have 3a/3b hair normally.

When I was 17, I cut my hair super short, and it grew back curly and beautiful for the first time in my life. From then on I swore I'd always appreciate my curls, and I have! Eventually I spent 6 years growing it down below my waist, and this past year cutting it shorter and shorter until now, it's in a bob up to my ears. It has the potential to look good, but for some reason the back of my hair seems to be losing its curl. I'm talking, my hair was a 3a/3b for the past 6 years, and now the back is practically a 2b (2a if I wash before bed and don't put product in it). The front of my hair is still nice and curly, but I'm a little nervous that's because it's damaged from wearing it in a ponytail a lot when it was longer. SO, my question is:
Any tips on getting the curl back in the back of my head? I can't tell if my hair is losing its curl, or if it was just curlier when it was longer. I'm going to buy one of those round defusers for the DevaSun to help (not sure the weird hand defuser the DevaSun came with is right for the back of my hair), but I'm wondering what products would work best to really spunk up the back again?

I'm tired of feeling sad about this haircut, I'm really starting to wish it were long again, if only for the curl. Help me love this cut please!
I answered you in another thread, but will do it here. Any idea of the texture and porosity of your hair?? There's a thread in the "newby read this" forum. It is texture and porosity that have more to do with product selection then curl type. Struttswife's (aka Tiffany) website and ebook would also help you with some of these things:

Your curl type sounds a bit like mine. I have fine, low porosity hair that likes more natural products. I've gone from winter wavy/summer curly to having hair like my signature picture every day from the things I've learned on this website.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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