From Holy Grail to Holy Fail...

I really need to get better at reading ingredient labels... Never mind the fact that I read this conditioner's label at least 3-4 times online, twice in the store, and countless times at home; somehow I still missed it - the dreaded 'cone.

I've known for a while that my hair doesn't like non water-soluble cones. Well, it likes them... until I do a low-poo, then my hair looks and feels like it did during my transition phase... YEARS ago!

I thought I had found it, my HG conditioner for winter, I really did. Organix Coconut Milk. I had day 6 hair with this stuff! Then, I a low-poo and all hell broke loose. Actually, I only low-poo'd my roots to help with build-up and an itchy scalp and put the Organix on the rest of my hair since it wasn't time to low-poo my whole head. Well, this left me with a lovely combo of partial pretty curls and partial straw/straight nightmare from where the shampoo dripped down in weird areas... grrr! Then, I re-read the ingredients for the 20th time probably and there it was in all it's 'cone-y glory, dimethicone without a PEG with it.....Arrrgggghhh! It was practically bolded, underlined, and flashing with neon arrows around it. How did it miss it?

So, now I guess I'm headed back to Sallys to try and find a good winter conditioner for normal/fine, porous hair. I'm thinking I'll try either the GVP conditioning balm or the Shea Butter Mango that I've read good reviews on here, or maybe I'll just buy both (Hi, I'm Willow and I'm a Product Junkie...)

Anyone else think they need an eye exam after repeatedly misreading labels? Any other good suggestions for winter conditioners for hair that absolutely drinks up moisture like a sponge?

Sorry about the rant, I just had to publicly point out my stupid moment to help prevent me from doing it again, lol!
I have the same problem.. i have no idea how to take my time reading labels when purchasing a new product, but thank god for me to the cones i use can be taken care of with coco betaine in the shampoo i used... even though i don't use it anymore, i honestly dont think cones bother my hair as much as sulfates do cause i've been using the same products with cones in them since I've cut my hair haha

but yea maybe try a low-poo with coco betaine or something like that? the shampoo i used was trader joes tea tree tingle, it should help with dimethicone
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what a great title!
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
I think I did a good job getting the cones out with my husband's tea tree oil shampoo (sulfate free with the good surfacants in it), but my hair looked and felt horrible afterwards. Just a sign that I need to read every ingredient slowly and really pay attention when I buy products, lol!

Went to Sally's today and bough the GVP Conditioning Balm and the Lustrasilk Shea Butter Mango. Hopefully, one (or both) of those help with my poor hair this winter.

Oh, and to further show that I have a problem seeing things I'm looking for... I approached the Sally's Wall-O-GVP products and at first couldn't find the balm! Asked and associate and she didn't see it either. I wandered the store in a panic, searching the list of possible products I wanted to try in my Palm pilot and finding nothing. Walked past the GVP section again and, right there, smack dab in the middle, ready to jump out at me... GVP Conditioning Balm... Maybe I should include a trip to the eye doctor to my CG routine...

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