A curly compliment - from my cleaning lady!

She has long curly hair, but it is usually just pulled back into a pony tail. Her English is pretty limited, but last time she was here she was asking me what products I use, because she likes how my hair looks.

I gave her a sample from my liter of curl keeper, and when I saw the ad tonight for free shipping, I decided to buy her a liter as a Christmas gift. (I figure that if she does not like the sampkle, I can just keep the Curl Keeper). I also gave her a jar of Boots, because I really stocked up last time my dh was visiting family in the UK.
Fine, thin & tight 3B curls. Currently using Curl Keeper & Boots Curl Creme.
awww! That's an awesome story!

I need to try the CK/Boots combo -- ahhh I have too many things to try lol.
Grand Goobah Caedran, Aqueous Infusion of Demulcents, Order of the Curly Crusaders

Fia 2cFi, fine texture, med porosity CG 5-29-09 * My hair loves protein! Currently using : DermOrganics Shampoo and IHM, G2B Kinkier Mousse, Re:Coil VMM, Anything Spiral Solutions! MO Sealing. Coconut Oil Pre-Poo, once a month Hard Water shampoo. Avoiding Glycerin in finishing products.

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