Fun two-tone hair color.

Hey ya'll. I haven't posted here in awhile. I have really curly black hair that's a little past my shoulders. The length differs if I braid it and stretch it out. I'm going through a "quarter life crisis" and want to make a few fun changes. I was thinking about getting some two-tone hair color on the underside (not sure if that's the correct word) section of my hair. I was thinking dark blue or purple, so people get just a hint of it in the right light.

Is this something that would be appropriate for mid-length curly hair? If so, where would the best spot for the color be? I've seen straight hair that looks beautiful with this type of coloring. I've searched for pics of curly hair online and can't find anything!! I just want to do something fun temporarily and have always thought about doing this!!

Your thoughts are appreciated!!
My curly pics.
After looking at your pics i think your personality, coloring (face) and hair, it would suit your well to do something fun like you've mentioned
Maybe get the other color on the underside with a few peek-a-boo highlights. Also adding in some layers would be cute to bring out some of the color.
I know a couple of people with curly hair that have this type of coloring. I think it looks great on them. They did have layers cut in to see the under coloring. I think the layers do alot for their style even without the color. Both are dark blondes with either black or dark brown for the under color.

I vote for the purple. I think its easier to pull off than the blue would be.
I had both colors, and I think they look fine on either straight or curly hair. I also have dark brown hair.

Here is a thing to consider though -- these colors fade seriously fast, and you'll have to have them re-done frequently and you'll probably have to deal with the fade. Dark blue just fades out to a lighter blue -- which doesn't always look bad. It is wearable in all of its different colors of fade (IMHO). Navy was one of my favorites.

Purple rocks! However, when it fades, it fades into all sorts of weird colors, and doesn't look as nice for as long. So maybe try the purple, and when you get sick of re-dying it, switch to the blue heh. It fades ultimately into this weird purpley grey color.

On a further note, green was the weirdest. I don't think I'll ever do that one again as it was the hardest to keep up.

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