Spinoff: Why does some hair tangle?

I did my hair yesterday. I put extra condish on my ends and sealed them with coconut oil (shea butter is too heavy for me). I'll be away this weekend in "soft water-ville" so will be doing my hair on either Sat or Sun. Dying to see if there's any difference.
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I'm curious, how did your hair turn out? I'm currently suffering with excessive tangles. My hair is a mixture of 4a/3c-fine (thin strands), possibly 3a-3b at the nape and low density.
I actually did a search on curltalk and ran into this thread.
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Thanks for the reminder. I didn't find a difference in detangling but no fairy knots so that is good.

I'm still trying to find the magic formula for getting my shed hair to fall out naturally instead of pulling it out at wash time.
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I hope you find the answer and share it with us. I bought a paddle brush yesterday and that helped to detangle my dry straightened hair.
I suspect my tangled hair has something to do with product build up. I plan on clarifying my hair with ACV rinse and maybe a sulfate shampoo (gasp). I want to try this because my hair appears to be "sticking together", thus aggravating the tangles. I just had 2 inches cut off while my hair was straightened and it still tangled. The bentonite treatment did not help. I will keep you guys posted after my next co-wash, possibly in 1 week.
3c4a, fine, low density, normal porosity

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Which hair porosity tangles the most: low porosity or naturally porous hair (not overly porous hair due to coloring, or heat)? I ask this question because my hair always tangles unless I have certain ingredients. Based on this thread, (even though my hair is 4a/3c) does my hair have low porosity?
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I would think the porous hair tangles more. Low porosity hair--the cuticles are pretty tight, so don't get "caught" on each other.
Originally Posted by kathymack
No expert but think that's true.
I have high porosity hair (I think)...its fine and it soaks up moisture like nobody's business.... And I have never had much of a tangle issue at all, except for the minor few tangles that are easily taken care of through finger-combing. Strange.... Unless my hair has been blowing profusely in the wind all day (which rarely happens) then I do not have the tangle problem. But after I get out of the shower, I don't touch a comb or finger through my hair whatsoever. I smooth product over my hair, as opposed to scrunching or combing....I find that I get perfect clumping this way, and I think that contributes to the low amount of tangles. I definitely think the way that someone dries and styles their hair, and also how long they go without a wash or water-wash, and also the environment (wind and such) has a lot to do with how many tangles you are prone to get, IMHO.... Cuz I tell ya, there are times when I have a complete Afro to the max, and once its watered down and soaked in conditioner I'm still all good~!
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I My Hair
In addition to sleeping in a satin cap, I am now using a conditioner as a pre-poo for 30 minutes. Then I co-wash or use a 3:1 conditioner-shampoo mix. Then I do a DC/heat. Afterward, I rinse with cold water or UNDILUTED vinegar, followed by a leave-in conditioner. Sounds like a lot, but it has reduced tangles significantly.

I don't know how long this routine will last, but so far I like it.
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
CoWash: various
DT: various

CR L/I Collection, various

Stylers:MC Leave-in, Gorilla Snot

Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
*experimenting and loving it!
I used to tangle before I started properly moisturizing my hair, but now I can fingercomb it after days of not washing it easily. It's very soft, actually a little too soft since my waves always fall out.

But back when my hair was very unhealthy and I tangled some, I couldn't let anyone else brush my hair. No one else *got* it. They would hit a tangle and all of a sudden brute force their way through it, tugging and tugging. And nothing would happen except I'd lose hair. One time I got so angry I snatched the brush and was like "LOOK!" and I showed them how I do it.. brushing VERY gently from the root, and when you hit a tangle, brushing down to that point very gently over and over again, until the tangle just sort of goes away, then moving on. They looked amazed that this worked.. maybe it's not normal?

But now my hair is way too soft to tangle. I also noticed a great decrease in tangling after my last haircut, which cut off the most damaged parts of my hair. Now the 5 inches of color-treated, blow-dried hair that remain were at my roots when they were abused, probably leading them to being better protected.

I'd think that tighter curl types would just be more prone to tangling in general though, since their hair twists around itself, and the closer your hair is to straight, the less likelihood you'd tangle. But I could be wrong, and obviously there are exceptions, but just as an overall trend....

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