Rosacea and curly hair

I'm curious...I've noticed a lot of the rosaceans I know also have curly hair. But I've only looked at it from a rosaceans with straight vs curly hair. Now I'm curious about curlies with rosacea vs no rosacea.

Who has rosacea or pre-rosacea and wavy/curly hair? How has rosacea impacted your curly haircare?

For me, I had to give up Elucence conditioner because the squalane was flaring my rosacea and menthol/peppermint oil/tea tree oil in conditioners is very irritating instead of just stimulating.
I have it. I self-diagnosed. Then I went in to the dr. and said "I have this redness..." and she said "that looks like rosacea". I guess I'll see a dermatologist when I have health insurance (soon I hope).

I'm very sensitive to scents. They can make me break out. I've never used menthol or peppermint oil in hair products, but have tried Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap as a shower gel, and it was very irritating. I seem to be especially sensitive to castor oil and olive oil. Also the heat of diffusing can cause a flare-up, so I don't do that often or long.

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I have it also. I was diagnosed about five years ago. I use a Rx facial cleanser and topical treatments. I never thought of a possible connection between a flare-up and my hair routine. My flare-ups are more related to stress and getting over-heated during workouts. This should be interesting!
I have it. Oddly enough, I've had some regular shampoos affect me, but nothing yet so far with the cg, even the Elucence, oddly enough.

I do find that I need to co wash more often than some other 3b's since I still am prone to oily scalp. I've read theories that rosaceans are often more oily skinned than dry.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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Wavy rosacean here. I can do menthol/mint on my scalp in small quantities, but if I overdo it I will start to get sensitive. Forget about getting it on my face though, that's trouble! I can't tolerate chemical sunscreens which are showing up in a lot of products. Neither can I use things with vitamin C / ascorbic acid (small quantities of citrus oils/juice in products are OK, just not the chemical vitamin Cs). My skin will be aflame! <- red throbbing painful face
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Wavy rosacean here too!

It hasn't really changed my hair care at all.

The only thing that seems to aggrivate it is heat, but diffusing doesn't cause a flare up since I direct the hot air only at my hair.

But as someone mentioned oily scalp above, I do have a very oily scalp as well.
So what is rosacea? I know it is a skin thing, but that is it.

(ETA2: Okay I found this one. I just thought I'd post it anyone else doesn't know what it is like me.

My cheeks have always been red since I was a litle kid, but I don't have rosacea. I never had any problems with it or anything.
Well, move along. Sorry about this. I should justy have done a internet search from starters. )

I don't have rosacea or pre-rosacea, that I know of. How does one tell if they have such? Nevermind, I looked it up on-line. It's possible I have pre-rosacea, or it's just that I burn real easy any time of year (nose & forehead especially) & retain the burn for longer than most.

I do know I'm sensitive to certain things. Mint or similar ingredients in stronger quanties are one, the other is direct heat, as with a dryer cap. Both make my skin itch & burn. But the problem areas are only noticed on my scalp & the back of my neck.

I haven't tried mint/similar ingredients anywhere else on my body to see if I have the same reaction. However, if I sit in natural hot springs or a sauna, that gets to me.
Rosacea is primarily characterized by flushing or blushing from emotional or environmental factors (including skincare, haircare, etc) where the blood does to drain properly from the vessels once the blushing is over. Continuously engorged blood vessels lead to irritation (increasing sensitivity to a variety of products) and then inflammation (can lead to type II rosacea which has blemishes). has a wealth of information.
I too have rosacea and curly hair. I think some hair products aggravate my rosacea as it's worse on the sides of my face where my hair touches. I haven't figured out what the specific culprits are yet.
I have a mild case of rosacea and extremely sensitive skin, and it has definitely impacted me in that certain hair products can really irritate the skin on my face and scalp. I'm not certain of all the ingredients that cause a reaction, but I do know that certain oils such as olive, castor and jojoba make my face and scalp burn and itch like crazy. It's so frustrating sometimes because just when I think I've found my HG hair product, I have to give it up due to a reaction. :x

Also, same as blanclila, I can't tolerate sunscreens on my face, and I've tried them all -- intense burning, redness and itching....blech -- so I just stay out of the sun (no sunscreen lectures please :P ) which rosaceans are supposed to do anyway.
I'm a wavy and have rosacea. I kind of self-diagnosed it, but my doctor looked at my skin and said it looks like a mild form. So she prescribed me Metrogel which helps quite a bit. My skin is super sensitive and can't handle sunscreens or fragranced products. Any kind of heat makes my skin flush. I haven't noticed many hair products affecting it, but I do know my skin hates silicones and it did react pretty badly to Elucence MBC recently. I used to use that all the time before starting Metrogel and couldn't tell it was irritating my skin because it was already really red. It sucks because my hair loves Elucence! I wish I had a complete list of everything that triggers rosacea because I definitely want to avoid those things!
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Well then, maybe I just sunburn easy no matter what season & retain it longer b/c I don't notice any burning, itching, redness, whatever reaction to things applied to my face.

I guess to make sure I'd have to see a doc about this "permanent sunburn" to rule out rosacea.

3-b here and I have roseacea that really gets going when I eat peanuts (which I love)!
I have mild rosacea too. (Thanks, Laurabeth for the advice about applying Finacea to totally dry skin. That makes all the difference!)

Highly scented products aggravate my skin. I am so glad that I can order Jessicurl's products unscented.

Come to think of it, my face became more red than normal about the same time I began using Elucence conditioner. Maybe the squalane is to blame??

Finacea has drastically cut down on the redness, so I continue to use the Elucence. I put my hair in a pineapple most nights now. Maybe that means less product residue on my pillowcase which may be helping also.
I can't tolerate regular sunscreen either. My dermatologist gave me a sample of vanicream and it works great. It isn't Rx, but you have to ask the pharmacist to order it for you. HTH!
This is an oooooold thread (but I'm new, and reading through a bunch!) but I thought I'd add my two cents... I'm curly (3a, I think) and I have rosacea, too. Interesting to see others with this as well!
I've found hair products don't bug me, but I must be very careful w/ skin stuff: no chemical sunscreen -- zinc or titanium oxide only; and the direct sun gives me a red rash in minutes, although I will tan easily. Alcohol makes me flush, but I love wine & Irish whiskey & the health benefits they hold; over time, they bother me less. Sun, chemicals, highly perfumed make-up, & especially fabric softener sheets, I do avoid.
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