To Jenny Furrens & other modified CGers!!

My hair's not dry either. I like to use a leave-in just because it helps to smooth the curl a bit. But, if I use a leave-in I can't use a wash-out because I get all over-conditioned. I don't diffuse, though, so I don't know if that would dry me out. I don't think I've ever had dry hair except when I used to put straighteners in it years ago.
I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

Used to be CG, now I'm not. Using Suave Aloe & Waterlily shampoo & condish, JoiWhip, BRHG, Suave Aloe gel, Aussie Tizz No Frizz, and anything else that looks good!
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I'm actually not dry either unless I use ridiculously harsh products long term. I have to shampoo every single day or my hair just gets flat and limp. My hair is fairly thick and moderately coarse, too. CG was a disaster for me. My scalp was disgusting and my hair was insanely frizzy no matter how much product I piled on to try to control it.

My magic equation for healthy looking defined hair seems to be: Daily shampoo + moderate conditioning + lightweight, firm hold styling and ALWAYS diffusing dry. So basically, the exact opposite of what L. Massey says. Go figure.
Originally Posted by happy-girl
Ha! Minus the "fairly thick and moderately coarse" part, this is me exactly!

Curlyjenn, I have been diffusing my hair 100% dry pretty much daily for years, and have suffered zero damage. My stylist comments on it every time I get a trim, what unbelievably good shape it's in (haven't had a split end in years either). So I think it depends on the person whether diffusing causes dryness.

That's really interesting. I've seriously never heard of someone with curly hair whose hair isn't dry. And every single article I've ever read on curly hair also seems to suggest the same thing. I've even had a few stylists reassure me that "curly hair is dry by nature" so I should give up on the idea that my hair will ever be less dry. Thank you for saying that, I've learned something new today! (And lucky you!)
Originally Posted by Iwantcurlyhair
I think dry hair is common for the majority of curlyheads. But there really are some of us out there who don't have the least problem with it. I have used products that can make my hair *feel* dry, but it's not actually inherently dry and never has been. It gets frizzy and suffers from some of the same other problems, but that's caused by other factors.
Hair type: Completely confused: mostly 3a, some 3b parts, and even 2 in places; very fine and thin.
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You know it was the assumption that curly hair is dry by nature that didn't make me think I was doing any harm to my hair all those years that I was straightening my hair. Stylists would tell me that my hair was always going to be dry and the best thing for me to do is smooth my hair with a flat iron and use a shine serum. But now that I've been taking better care of my hair I would say that my hair is "prone to dryness" but it definitely isn't always dry. Especially when it's humid out like it is here today, my hair is anything but dry!
Here are a few of the many types of articles I've found that have supported my assumption.
Conditioning your curly hair is one of the most important steps in your hair care regime. Curly hair is dry by nature and requires moisture. Continue to pump moisture, moisture, moisture back into your curly hair.
from here. And there are dozens more too. Here's another one (read the part under curly hair).
It amazes me that almost everything that my hair stylists have ever told me about my hair has been incorrect. Another assumption I have made is that because they are supposed to be the "hair experts" that they would be more knowledgeable than me on the subject(even though common sense should of told me that if my hair was dry, I should stop doing things that make my hair dry).
What a great thread!

I just wanted to add my experiences to the mix. When I first started CG, my hair was in HORRIBLE condition - it was the driest and most damaged it's ever been, and my curl/wave was practically non-existent. I started a strict CG routine and the results were great; my hair stopped feeling like straw!!

After three months however, my hair took a turn for the worse - it would go limp a few hours after showering, and in some cases would look completely straight (you can see this in the first few pics in my fotki). I decided that I needed to clarify, and after trying some home remedies that didn't work I started using a mild poo about three times a week. Voila! My hair was back to normal.

I recently got my hair cut by a Devachan trained stylist in my area. I explained to her what had happened, and she said that I SHOULD be using Low-Poo whenever I need to! She even said that if my hair felt conditioned that I could just water wash! No Co!!

I was in shock, but she explained to me that once your hair is in good condition you don't need as much moisture. This is especially true of a wavy like me.

So, here are my thoughts on the subject. I think when Massey wrote her book most of the people reading it needed a major hair intervention. And it seems that people w/ tight curls can stay w/ this routine b/c in general that kind of hair is dry. But I, and it seems others, need a to use a mild poo once our hair is back in top shape.

And, how can you call it "Modified-CG" if this advice is coming from Devachan? It's more like "CG, part 2!"
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I agree with this too - I got to a point where I was just over conditioning.

I think sometimes my hair "feels" dry, but its not necessarily so, because it still gets definition and good curl.

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