Silicone-free conditioners from Tresemme (Tresemme Naturals)

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I've been using this as my condish for the last few weeks and love it. My new cheap fave! Haven't tried it on my kids (3a/b & 3c) yet.
I bought this at my local Target for $4.99 this week. I agree on the extreme slip. I've never had a conditioner do such a good job for detangling--even after I rinsed it out. I can't speak to the long-term hydrating effects, since I'm very new to CG and don't really know yet what my hair should look or feel like when it's properly moisturized. I at first used this as my cowash, but I think that I will like this product much better as a conditioner. This is thicker than Garnier Fructis Triple Moisture Conditioner that I have also recently tried as a conditioner.
3a, fine strands, thinning on top and lots in back, normal porosity, CG since 5/26/10.

Cowash: Suave apple & coconut
Condish: Tresemee silicone-free Naturals Moisturizing Conditioner
Leave-in: Deva b-leave in
Gel: Deva Angel

...lots of cold water and no toweling!
Not hydrating enough for me to LI but excellent as a RO/detangler.
Type: 3c with some 4a highlighted
Low porosity thick/coarse texture. nml elasticity
Routine: No rules, just happy hair

Cleanse: CJDF, Prell, LUSH Curly Wurly, Bobeam
LI/RO:BBB, CJ, SheaM, HEHIS, Garnier, KBN Shealoe, CD Chocolat, Oyin HH
Styling: CJ, CR, UFD, Zuresh, Ecostyler,MJ


I bought this the other day & have been using it as both co-wash & leave in. My hair has felt super soft!

However I've been getting some advice that there are more moisturizing conditioners to use as leave-in so today I might use the Tres. as just co-wash and my AOHR as leave in. We shall see...

P.s. I'm really happy w/ my lalsg to!!! I've been using that alone but today will try w/ arc-angel underneath (love the thickness arc-angel creates).
CG restart: 5-14-10
Type: 3a
Deva low-poo & Tres. naturals for washing
La looks sports gel, arc-angel
Diffusing is my friend!
If I use the naturals lightweight mousse will cowashing with the naturals condish be enough or will I get build-up? Is the lightweight mousse CG? I know about the alcohol but my hair is not really dry, so am I ok? Also, I am bothered that the condish and mousse don't say they are specifically for curly hair, does it matter? Thx for answers in advance! Sorry, my one question turned into like three!!

*Trying to be more CG.
*Cowashing has been working but still using cone products--can't seem to find better, and the condish I currently cowash with has cones so I was asking about the Tresumme naturals.
Ok, so I've changed my mind about this conditioner. I've been using it for co-washing, rinse out and leave-in and I'll have to say that I'm loving it! I like that it's pretty cheap as well. I think this is the perfect balance for me right now in this weather. I don't know if it will work as well in the winter since it's not heavy/rich, but I'm loving it now! I've noticed it runs on sale pretty often too, that's great. Anyone else still liking it?
$5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066
It's still my staple cowash.
BC'ed: 26 Dec 09

Grand Duchess Fierce Freckles, Mistress of the Mighty Snap and Doyenne of the Potent Products Pavane in the Order of the Curly Crusaders
I tried this a few months ago and although I don't have sensitive skin and I've never, ever had a product break me out, this one did! I got a rash all over my hands, neck and part of my back. Craziness.

Thank goodness Target took it back. I emailed the company and got NO response.

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The amount of time from slipping on the peel and landing on the pavement is exactly one bananosecond.
I do have a secret yen for pink in unexpected places. ~ninja dog
I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.
gave it away awhile back, thought it might be causing breakage, more hair thaan usual . Saw it marked down to 2.99, so baught again, thinking try again, (anyway,should make great shaving cream) after losing no hair for a while, I had a fistful,using the moisturizing as a co....good to know about the breakouts, too! I become sensitive tyo cheap preservatives....adios, tressame naturals !
3a/2a/spirals ultraF-i/ii,med/hi porosity,med/elasticity,colortreated/grey[LIST][*][U]Cowash[/C.J. daily fix,, Condish Peter Lamas volumizing(rice protein) mixed w CJ smoothing,orGiovanni 50/50,or Eulasense balanced moisture. Leaveins,KCKT,KomazaCalifia,GDLIStylers:FSG,*, KCCC&BRHG, CJ CIAB.mixed w Pattern Pusha.FOTE on dry. SOTC :1 drop meadowfoam oil.DT:biolageCB or curl rehab over megatek,CJ repair me.
Could I get an update from anyone who's been using this? The last two posts were negative, but the many previous ones were good.

I'm just starting CG and I got a couple conditioners for co-wash. I wasn't positive on the ingredients, so I might return a couple.
I picked this up at my local target... I'm pretty new to the whole natural thing but as far as I can see, its a pretty good condish for the price.... i just wish it had a bit of a stronger scent but i'm happy... and so is my mom that i don't have to spend tons!! Wht i really want to know is what people thought of the mousse from this line- i used it a couple times and i'm curious about others results....
I love the conditioner and use it regularly but hated the mousse. I threw it away after three tries as it was so awful.
3b in South Australia.

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