Shampoo with oils - how does it work?

Perhaps this has been discussed before, if so please bear with me. I found it very difficult to search for this topic, all search terms I come up with are so general.

Shampoo contains detergents, or surfactants if you prefer that word. Many shampoos also contains vegetable oils: avocado, olive, shea. The oil is there as a conditioning agent, to help smooth the hair so it is not a complete mess until you reach for the conditioner bottle.

Detergents dissolves fat. That's what they are there for. Fat dissolved in detergent is rinsed out, when you rinse out the shampoo. So I wonder: are the vegetable oils in shampoo all dissolved in the detergent? If so, what good to the oils do? If they just remove some of the detergent molecules, that won't access the fat in your hair because they are already occupied... then we could have added no oils to the shampoo, and get the same result with a smaller amount of detergent in the shampoo.

The same applies, of course, for shower creams with oils. I am clueless. Anyone out there who is good enough in chemistry to explain this to me? I would be very greatful. I've been pondering quite a bit on this.

No amateur physicists/chemists around?

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