Have u actually read the book? "Curly Girl" Deborah Chiel and Lorraine Massey?

Ive been thinking about buying it..found it on ebay for under $10 and seeing how Ive spent MUCH MUCH MUCH and again I say MUCH more on new products..(Naimes says KCCC & KCNT will be delivered today way excited! ) I think another 10 is no big deal but before I do I wanted to see how many of you actually read the book or if you just go by things on this site? For those that have read the book do u think it was helpful or is everything pretty much already on this site?
thanks so much and HAPPY FRIDAY!
every site ive been on has been better than any book ive read and ive read most of them
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I read it before I started posting on this site. I find the info here to be a lot more helpful, but I guess the book is a good starting point if you're new and confused. There's a lot more information here, and while that's a good thing, I'm sure it can be overwhelming to some.

FYI, Lorraine has changed her stance on some of the information in the book. She's been talking about putting out a new one for a while.
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Yes and it was a good starting point.

But the information is much better here especially she only uses categories of wavy, botticelli and corkscrew IIRC. As has been discussed thoroughly here, there are so many factors outside curl type that determine what will work and what won't work for each individual.

Plus as already stated she's changed her stance on some things which makes the book a bit dated now.
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Yes, I own it. It was a gift from my parents one year. My favorite part is the personal stories written by curly women, including Joy Behar from The View.

I agree with whatsercurl - it is a good starting point. I have found a lot of supplementary and very valuable information on this message board that I couldn't have found in the book.
I do have it and reading it is what sent me to the internet looking for more information and that's how I found this site. I have learned so much more here than I could from any book but, on the other hand, if it wasn't for Lorraine Massey, I wouldn't have found all of the wonderful, wise curlies here. If you can get it at your local library, I would suggest doing that before buying it. If nothing else, you'll understand things you'll hear here that are referred to in the book from time to time.
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Yes and it was a good starting point.

But the information is much better here especially she only uses categories of wavy, botticelli and corkscrew IIRC. As has been discussed thoroughly here, there are so many factors outside curl type that determine what will work and what won't work for each individual.

Plus as already stated she's changed her stance on some things which makes the book a bit dated now.
Originally Posted by whatsercurl

It's a good intro, but IMO, this place has way, WAY more information.

If someone compiled everything here-handling everything from 2-4 hair, amla, henna, types of frizz, protein vs moisture, dewpoints, texture, porosity just to start-into a book-that sucker would be worth a fortune.
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Personally I would invest in Struttswife's ebook over the CG book. http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/e_book.htm
if you want to read something other than what you can find here. But otherwise I have to agree with the other posts.

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I own the Curly Girl book and reread it every once in awhile. I also reread Going Gray Looking Great. Both books were very helpful to me. And I like having real books around even tho there's tons more info online.
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I found NC.com first and then got the Curly Girl book. I didn't think the book was worth the money.
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I read it and was not that impressed. Any of the ideas in the book can be found on this site.

Lorraine Massey was probably instrumental in educating curly girls about proper care of their curls, but a lot has been discovered since then, so in a way, the book is dated and not any more useful than naturallycurly.com.

Also, not to be catty, but I seriously don't like what Lorraine does with her hair. IMO it is too bleached and dead looking. I LOVED the picture inside her book of her at an earlier age with (what I suppose is) her natural dark blonde/light brown hair. It was beautiful!

I agree with RupertsWife. The Live Curly Live Free ebook is a better investment. I bought the CG book after reading about it here. I like that she included personal stories and recipes, but the book lacked info on what's best for my hair texture, porosity and so forth. That's where the ebook comes in.
I own Curly Girl and skim it from time to time (as I do several other curly hair books I own) but I agree w/ all of the above -- great starting point, some advice is now obsolete or incomplete.

I think I would like to check out Live Curly, Live Free.

I found the book and then found this site.

The book was helpful at first, but I do get more pertinent info from this site and the Live Curly Live Free e-book.

That being said, I still like reading the personal stories in Curly Girl.
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I have it.. it's not a great source of info.
Tiffany's ebook is a valuable source of info. www.livecurlylivefree.com
So informative!
Yeah, but I checked it out from the library, didn't buy it.
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I have it. I re-read it every once in a while. It has a few good recipes that I use. It is a good starter book. Although there is lots of good info online, I do like to have something that I can pick up and read on occasion. Next on my list is the e-book. I suggest seeing if you can find this at the library before purchasing to see if it's something you want to spend the money on. HTH.
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I was at an herb shop buying hair vitamins when my last chemical straightner burned half of my hair off. The lady working suggested Curly Girl. It was at that moment that I learned to accept my curls. Curly Girl was the starting point for me, which brought me here for more answers. I do re read the book for the personal stories at times. I would say if you are all ready active here, the book probably won't be that much more helpful to you.

What has LM changed her stance on since CG?
I had it..swapped it. Helpful but there is much more info on this site.

I find Tiffany's ebook (Live Curly Live Free) to be a lot better...and the stories on this website to be better than the ones in the CG book.

I just didn't feel like I needed to keep it
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