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There are a few conversations on here about "terminal length" and "growth cycles", but I haven't found anything on the *short* shedded pieces that some of us may notice coming out of our hair.

I've read that shedded pieces of hair are the ones with the white bulb at the top, but what if some of those pieces are really short.

Would that still be considered normal shedding?
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If they have the white bulb on the end then yes they are considered normal shedding. If they don't then it's typically breakage.
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You shed hair everyday; both long strands and short so it doesn't really matter how short the sheds are. Not every hair on your head is the same exact length, which means not every hair you shed is going to be the same exact length. Some of those short hairs may have been long hairs that broke off at some point and then shed, some of them may have reached the resting phase and shed, whatever the reason, it's nothing to worry about (unless you're seeing gaping bald spots).
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I have a lot of shed hairs, white bulbs, that only get to 6 inches, some to 12 inches and they aren't broken, because they have the fine tip at the end, meaning they were done. I see a lot of these, and I hope it's normal. I have high amount of shedding. I can't tell if I've lost volume, because since I've quit brushing, I've lost volume, from separating all my clumps. But it's funny to see someone else has this same question.
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