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patooshi 10-05-2006 09:05 PM

Sunsilk right out of the shower..
So , i understand most of you buy those REALLy good hair products , like to announce that i finally found mine.. ive tried so many things on my hair and its just been crunchy , frizzy or just plain overloaded.. i use sunsilk :D
My tipis to put it in your hair RIGHT when you get out of the shower.. just drain your hair out enough so it doesnt drip but DO NOT towel dry.. so when your hairs wet and very curly before being wavy from towel drying , put a loonie sized amount in your palm and just comb it in with your fingers. NOOWWW do not towel dry.. blow dry your hair a little and its all set:D , for me i get PEFECT curls , absolutely NO FRIZZ ( no kididng too.. which is pretty amazing) and my hair is super BOUNCY.

well i hope this helped some of you..
have a good day :D

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