How do YOU diffuse?

upside down?
point the diffuser up?
point it down?
Do you keep it one place?
Do you start at the bottom of curls and push it up?

ive heard so many different ways.. how do you do it?
Lately it's been like this:
- upside down if I have no products applied; up to 50% dry (or just skip it alltogether and air dry)

- right side up if I have KCCC/anything else; up to 90-95% dry.

I scrunch my hair with a diffuser, from tips to roots. I use pixicurling and keep diff. at one section for at least 2-3 minutes (I check with my watch - very dorky) using combination of low and medium temperature and the highest speed.

Takes about 20 minutes, darn.
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I diffuse with my head upside-down, after applying my product. I don't scrunch the curls, I let them hang and just diffuse from the sides, both outside and underneath, without disturbing the curls. I diffuse for about 5mins (I have no patience!) and then I let it air dry for 15 or 20mins, then I flip my head back over and diffuse at the roots for an extra boost of volume. I don't start at the bottom of the curls and scrunch up for two reasons: I don't want shrinkage, and I don't put hardly any heat on my ends since it's damaging to my fine hair.
3b/c :: Fine :: Porous

I My Hair
I do it right side up and just use the diffuser like a normal hairdryer, no touching the hair at all, no putting curls in the bowl (actually I have a sock diffuser these days) or scrunching them up towards my head, it just creates frizz.
I airdry for at least an hour then finish off with the diffuser (5-10 mins). Once my hair's completely dry I squeeze the crunch out while still pointing the diffuser at my head.
Hope that makes sense!
3b in South Australia.

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