Is it true that ponytails can cause damage to fine hair if worn every day?

I wear my hair in a bun, not a ponytail. I pull it back around the middle of my head, twist it and wrap it and secure it with a scrunchy (those big cloth-like ones) gently. Will this basically damage my hair? i do it every day for school only because i am growing my hair out and i don't want to use heat. So i have no choice but to take a shower at night, air dry it, and put it in a bun in the morning. If it does cause damage, how? and do you have any tips for styling in the morning that requires no heat?

This is what it looks like when i put it in a bun

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I think what you're doing is much less damaging than using a regular elastic and pulling it up in a ponytail everyday. I think the problem is when you use elastics (or any tight-fitting hair accessory) in the same spot everyday it's going to eventually cause wear and tear on the hair in that area. Since you're using a cloth scrunchie, you should be fine. I think the best solution would be to change up and try different updos everyday so there's not constant stress in one area - IMHO. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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