? for those who Straighten your Bangs

I quit straightening my bangs for awhile, but have recently went back to it. I think it looks better on me especially when I wear my hair up. Anyway prior to CG I used Hairspray! I only straighten a very small portion to one side, using a round brush and blow dryer. How do you all get you bangs to stay put w/out hairspray? Or what do you use or not use that helps....

I straighten my fringe but I confess I still use hairspray, nothing else works for me. I just low-poo that bit of hair every couple of days. (I'm only mod cg and low-poo regularly anyway).
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I iron my bangs lightly and then leave them, but I wear them on my forehead.
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I have days where it's just better if a portion of my bangs are straight. There are some CG spray gels that act like hair spray (from the old days...) for me.
--Garnier fructis
--L'oreal Vive Pro

The only hair spray I use now when really needed (b/c I see now how my hair reacts to how dry hair spray is) is Giovani.
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Curl Creme: Gel-les'c, CJ CiaB, Mop C
Gel: Goddess Glaze, HESMU, DC Angel

For Low Dews:
conditioner:Califia Care Condit mixed with KCNT
Curl Creme: Komaza Coconut Pudding

Weekly: low poo, Nexus Emergencee and wdt (CJ CF or CJ HBDF )
I use one tiny spritz of hairspray at the roots. I comb it out before I low poo or co-wash during which I massage a little baking soda in that area. Works for me!
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Thanks! I'm using alittle Garnier Hairspray, one w/out a cone. I'm also modified CG because I use a low-poo. I also have a root lifter that kinda helps, but also makes a mess at the same time if that makes any sense . I know "not" straightening them is best, but it just seem to look better on me ?.

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