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REAL quick question..... What in the darn time zone is this website on? Everytime I make a post its like 5hrs ahead of me, and I'm in NY, soooo...... yeahhhhh I guess I'm a huge idiot. Sorry
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I have always wanted to know this too lol..
hopefully someone knows =)
I believe you can adjust the time zone in your profile...

I would assume it defaults to CST, as the CurlMart and things are in Austin, TX but i dunno.
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Hi ladies, you'll excuse me I'm an engineer and a major geek! SO the time is GMT Greenwich Mean Time or the current time in England. Thats why its always 5 hours ahead of you santini, you are in NY. NY is in EST or GMT-5.

Ok the geek is checking out!!
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At the bottom of the page it says all times are GMT -6.

I'm always way out of sync down here!
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Haha, FINALLY! My very important, yet random question has been answered! THANK YOU GIRLS! Happy Posting
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