Pineappling? and other burning questions

What exactly is "pineappling"? Does it have anything having to do with the actual food? When I think of "pineappling" i think of rubbing a piece of pineapple over my head before going to bed-- I am 93.649% sure that this is NOT the case. What does this process do to your hair?

Also, plopping. Do I do this before or after applying product? What does this do to benefit your hair? For how long to I keep my hair in that plopping-device (aka t-shirt)?

I just use a gel to keep my curls curled. Should I consider buying a leave-in or cream? What will this do that my gel alone cannot? Any reccomendations

Thanks folks! You stay classy, fellow curlies
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Deep Conditioner-Burts Bees
Methods- Icequeen, Plopping (overnight & straight after shower)

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Pineappling is simply piling all your hair on top of your head and wrapping it in some form of hair tie like a scrunchy...kinda like a super high ponytail(My boyfriend calls me broccoli head every time I do this). I do this every night before I sleep. It preserves my curls from messing up or flattening while sleeping. Sometimes I also do this after I wash and dry my hair, for like an hour or so, to give my hair extra volume.
Sometimes I think the craziness just curls out of my head..

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It's that simple. Using a scrunchie to make a "high on the head" ponytail.

If you go to and do a search for curly hair related stuff--like plopping and such, you can usually find a video showing how. That's how I learned about it.

Some plop for a while just to soak out water. Some plop more extensively to shape curls and dry some.

I like a leave in conditioner (need it, actually) due to my dry hair and its extreme porosity. I have to add loads of moisture. Some products work BETTER with a leave-in (check reviews for products on CurlMart and you'll see how some, like CurlKeeper or KCCurling Custard work better with leave-ins). What kind of leave-in depends on your hair's needs.

I strongly recommend just reading old threads, googling topics, visiting blogs, and reading reviews. I learned a lot just reading on this blog for weeks before I posted, in order to orient myself to the tons of info for newbies. And I'm still a newbie.
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